17 July 2008


During the hot season coughing with phlegm is very common and this soup is good to get rid of heaty cough.

3 bundles of watercress
chicken stock (boiled from breast meat)
1 pc dried octupus
1 pc dried duck gizzard
12 red dates (remove seeds)
1 honey date
1 small pc dried tangerine peel

Soak watercress in water, wash and drain
Pluck the watercress, separating the leaves from the stems
Bring chicken stock to boil
Put in watercress stems, octupus & gizzard and tangerine peel
Cover pot and leave to boil for half an hour over high heat.
Lower heat and simmer for 1 hour.
Add the leaves and red & honey dates
Continue to simmer soup for another 2 hours
Add seasoning and taste

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