25 November 2012


Simple, cheap and nice food you can find in Hong Kong.

Crispy toast with luscious butter

Luncheon meat and egg sandwich together with cheddar cheese and fresh vegetables

Seafood hor fun covered with gold lava

24 November 2012


Given the quality of the food the meal is of good value.

Fresh and quality sashimi

Sushi set with miso soup

Another value set

Udon and sushi set

Tempura side dish

Enjoyable dessert  -  fresh fruits and cheesecake

Fresh fruits and yam ice-cream with red beans

Coffee and tea to end the meal

18 November 2012


Kuriya Penthouse is located on the 12th floor rooftop garden at Central Orchard.  It is regarded as one of the best Japanese restaurants in town.  The place enables one to indulge in top quality ingredients sourced from Japan and around the whole.  We went for lunch and even though it was lunch time there was quite a crowd.  This shows how popular is the restaurant.

The ambience was quiet and soothing but the spacing of the tables should be further apart

Beautiful and fresh carnations on every table

We ordered the tempting set menu.  The first to serve was the spinach tofu with sweet broth

Colorful set

Soft tofu in clear broth

Stew pork

Fresh sashimi with pea paste

Fresh fried gigantic prawn

Pork cutlet in yozu sauce

Fried almond prawn

Smoke tender cod

Wobbly chiwa mushi with chicken and mushroom

Stew mushrooms with spinach and bonito flakes

11 November 2012

沙 僵 鸡

The poach chicken in Hong Kong is so different when compare to Singapore in terms of texture and color.  The flesh is so tender and juicy, even for the breast meat and the skin is oily and bright yellow color.  The Singapore chicken is bleached to the point that the skin is pale white which looks so unappetizing.  The first place to savor the dish is in Hong Kong airport.

Half a chicken

Glossy yellow skin and tender meat

A good condiment for the chicken : grated ginger and chopped spring onions in chicken oil.

10 November 2012


Bought some sweet dates during the fasting month and used them for date pudding.  The recipe was adopted from Janice Wong which featured in GOOD FOOD January 2011 issue.

150g white chocolate
90g unsalted butter
160 dark brown sugar; 250g pureed dates
1 egg; 100g flour & 1/2 tsp baking powder

Melt chocolate in a bain-marie, set aside to cool.  Melt butter over low heat, stir in sugar and reheat.  Stir continuously till sugar dissolves.  Add egg and whisk till combined.  Stir in flour and baking powder.  Fold in melted chocolate and dates, stir to mix evenly.

Divide batter equally and bake for 25-30 mins till cooked through

Serve with gula melaka coffee sauce :

Combine 70g gula melaka (palm sugar), 100ml hot black coffee and 20ml coffee creme liqueur in a pot.  Stir until the sugar dissolves.  Allow mixture to cool and add in 20g melted butter, then 40ml cream.  Whisk continuously till well combined, then strain mixture through a coffee filter.

When ready to serve, pour sauce over unmould pudding and serve with ice-cream

04 November 2012


Courtyard Marriott is situated in downtown Hongkong with easy access to the financial district.  It offers great harbor view with a beautiful backdrop of Victoria Harbor.  The hotel provides complimentary shuttle to major Hong Kong business districts.  There is complimentary high-speed connectivity in all guestrooms.

Double twin-beds with soft and feather light pillows

Large luxurious marble bathroom with toiletries

Rates from HK 1,692.00

Marriott Courtyard Hongkong
167 Connaught Road West
Hong Kong

03 November 2012


Accommodation with a nice view to enjoy. The sky was foggy and weather windy and wet.