30 July 2011


Hot weather and not in a mood to cook - something simple but filling and need not turn on the stove.

Smoked salmon, Brussels sprouts, roast pork, croutons, quail eggs and tomatoes.  Mix all up with french vinegar dressing.

A simple filling meal.

24 July 2011


With remainder of so many fresh strawberries left after consuming them fresh, I made a delightful dessert.

250gm tub of mascarpone cheese, 200gm whipping cream, a packet of ladyfingers, coffee liquer, coffee and 1 big punnet of strawberries give you an irresistible strawberry tirimisu.

17 July 2011


The restaurants, although under the same corporation, the food served can be inconsistent.  Some branches food are well cooked and good while others can be otherwise.  This particular one that we come across, for whatever reason, the food was not up to standard.

16 July 2011


I used to observe my mum pickled ginger to go with century eggs, which she claimed home-made ones taste better and without preservatives. Pickles act as appetizer for meat.  I bought some fresh and green mini mangoes from Seng Siong Supermarket to make pickle mangoes.

Peel and cut mangoes into thick slices.  Marinate with salt and leave till much liquid is drawn out from the mangoes.  Rinse mangoes thoroughly and sun till dry.   Pour a bottle of white vinegar into a stainless steel pot and add in a bottle of plain water.  Add in sugar and cook over fire till sugar dissolves.  Adjust sugar according to your preference and throw in 2 red chillies with seeds.  Cool and pour over mangoes in a glass jar.  Keep in a cool dark place for at least 1 week before consumption.

15 July 2011


A wonder to wake up to beauty after all the unhappiness

Short lifespan

Miracle to survive under hot sun

Long for a rosella drink

02 July 2011


Lovely dessert after pasta slurping.  Chocolate cakes were baking while she prepared the pasta.

Chocolate cake with ice-cream

Outflow of molten chocolate lava

Heavenly combination of ice-cream and chocolate lava

01 July 2011


For a change we had pasta for dinner and it was cooked by daughter no.1.  Ever since she started working it was rare that she cooks as her job is demanding.  

The pasta used was tagliatelle and cooked al dente, with tomatoes presto sauce  purchased from Mark & Spencer.  Added in fresh prawns and some sambal to get some kick out of the pasta.