05 July 2008


Variety of food establishments setup along Upper East Coast Road (Siglap) explains the hustle and bustle of the place.  Cheun Cheun Cafe is a new set-up after the death of bistro cafe. Even though it was on a week-day, the lunch-time crowd filled the place.  The place is not big, dividing into 2 eating sections - indoor and outdoor.  The outdoor comprises a narrow stretch of corridor with 2-3 table settings.

The type of food served is similar to Hong Kong cafe style, set and al-la-carte.

The raw fish salad served with enormous amount of raw vegetable which overpowered the taste of the fish.  The temperature of the fish was not cold enough and smelled fishy.  The portion is quite big compared to other places.

The chicken rice set was just enough for one person (Set B).  It consists of a plate of chicken, a plate of vegetables and a bowl of plain chicken soup.  The chicken meat was tender and delicious when eaten with chilly and ginger sauce.  The chillies and ginger were blended very fine without seeds and not fibrous.

The Portuguese style pork cutlet set portion was a bit too much for 1 person.  The cutlets were crispy and juicy.  The gravy was thick but quite spicy.

The lunch cost $20.30 plus milk tea and ice lemon tea.

Chuen Chuen Restaurant
17 Upper East Coast Road
Singapore 455208
Tel : 64453164