27 July 2014


With all the eating and drinking one needs to detox occasionally to maintain good health.  This soup helps to cleanse and enhance blood metabolism -

Shengdi (生 地)
Chuantaipian (川 太 片)
Baishao (白 芍)
Maidong (麦 冬)
Xuanshen (玄 参)
Haima - Seahorse (海 马)
Gancao (甘 草)

Simmer with meat for approximately 3 hours

20 July 2014


Baking bread is not my cup of tea.  I had tried numerous times but without success, either the dough did not rise or the bread is hard and when throw against the wall it can bounce back.  Time is needed to wait for proofing and rising of the dough which I lack the patience.  There are blogs that featured "no rise bread" which I tried and succeed. 

Ingredients : flour, sugar, salt, baking soda, butter, egg, buttermilk and dried fruits

Proofing and baking of the dough

Soda bread ready in 1 hour

It goes well with cream cheese and my apple blueberry jam

19 July 2014


What better way to turn old fruits into jam - apples with blueberries and some lemon juice 

Jam with lots of apple pulps

Thick gooey jam to spread onto light cake

13 July 2014


Delicious side dish.  Century eggs with a creamy consistency is mind blowing when mix with sesame sauce, mustard sauce together with preserved mustard seeds and chillies.

12 July 2014


Yee Fu noodles are easy to cook.  Cook in boiling water till soft and drain dry.  Fry the vegetables (mushrooms, cabbage, chives, carrot, black fungus) with a can of "Lor Han Chia", seasons and add a bit of dark soya sauce.  Stir in the noddles and mix well.

The noodles have to use up immediately after purchase as they tend to go rancid easily if kept too long.