26 February 2012


Chicken stew with mini tomatoes gives a fruity and sweet flavor to the dish.  The tomatoes also tenderize the meat.  A great dish to go with rice. 

Season the chicken wings and sprinkle with herbs.  Slash the tomatoes and mix with the chicken.  Wrap foil and bake for 1 hour in the oven at 170C.

19 February 2012


This pork pie that we had for New Year Dinner :

Shortcrust pastry : 350g flour, 250g butter, cold water, 1 tablespoon icing sugar to make dough.
Refrigerate for half an hour before rolling out.

Fillings : Fry minced pork, carrot, potatoes, mushrooms, minced garlic and. onions.

Seasoning : salt, sugar, mirin, soya sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil and shiaoxin wine

16 February 2012

Ngo Hiang (五 香 卷)

This is a festive dish for Chinese New Year which I will make without fail.  There are 2 variations of fillings, one with minced pork and mashed yam and the other only pork fillings.  We prefer the one with yam as we prefer a firmer texture.

Mix minced pork with diced carrots, waterchestnut, onions, garlics, dried shrimps (pounded), light soya sauce, salt, sugar, cornflour, oyster sauce and chinese wine.  Mix well. 

Cut beancurd sheets into rectangle form and place a spoonful of fillings and wrap into rolls.  Seal with water.  Steam the rolls for 1-2 mins and keep in the freezer if not to be eaten yet.  Deep fry till brown.

Serve with chilli & tomatoes sauce or mayonnaise

14 February 2012


Gone down to Perth to settle 3rd child's admission to University of Western Australia.  She will begin her campus life in a cottage in Claremont for the next 3 years, where she will learn to be independent.

Nice neighborhood with walking distance to the Swan River where she will enjoy cool breeze during summer and freezing cold in winter.

Quiet and tranquil area with 15 minutes bus ride to university

Nice neighboring with rooms for rent at A$170 per week

Very classic deco, high ceiling, bright and spacious

Carpeted floor and great book shelves

Spacious and equip kitchen to cook in

Dry clean bathroom to indulge in after a tired day