27 April 2014


A simple meal to serve, braised peanuts boil with rice. Sprinkle in the furikake, a combination of sesame seeds, nori, and other seasonings, when ready to eat.

26 April 2014


Strictly Pancakes has been opened in Siglap for some time. We pass this place everyday but there is always a long waiting queue, especially during weekends.  We choose a weekday to visit for brunch where the crowd is not so obvious.

The portion is big and so we ordered to share between 2 persons.
Comfortable and relaxing ambience.  Preparation is done at the open counter

Beef pastrami sandwich -  Big and thick slices of beef with creamy mayonnaise and fresh tomatoes & lettuces enclosed in thick slice toasted bu

Fluffy soaked pancakes swimming in syrupy maple syrup served with stewed cinnamon apples and vanilla ice-cream

17 April 2014


A simple dish is a good dish.  Steam halibut with sesame sauce

Season fish with salt and mirin.  Mix sliced chilies, ginger and garlic with sesame sauce (bought from Japanese grocery store).  Steam for 3-4 minutes under high heat till flesh is opaque.

12 April 2014


These rich butter cream cakes brought back from Bedok by DH evoke the most memories in me. I grew up eating these cakes, during celebration of events like birthdays, weddings, engagements and babies' 1st month celebration.   These cakes were considered luxury during the 60s to 70s and most birthday cakes were decorated in butter cream.   Tay Ban Guan Emporium (ceased operation) in Katong during the those days was known for their butter cream birthday cakes.  Small boxes of these little traditional cakes, together with the invitation card, were given to the bride's family 2 weeks before the wedding, known as 'Guo Da Li - 过大礼', to be distributed to relatives and friends. 

Present cake shops are more trendy and innovative but you still can find handful of these cake shops in housing estates selling these  traditional cakes.

They still taste good, soft, spongy and fluffy with thick butter cream top with whatever fancies 

06 April 2014


Just mix the cut-up tomatoes with dried seaweed and mozarella cheese, drizzle with olive oil.  The flavor from the seaweed and cheese is the seasoning for the salad.

05 April 2014


The popular store in Bedok bus interchange that sells rice cakes (chwee kway) also include Hakka abacus beans for $2 a container.  The abacus beads are fragrantly fried together with cabbage, carrots, strips of mushroom and minced pork in a thick broth.  The abacus beads are chewy, moist and soft.  I definitely order it when I am eating there.

04 April 2014


To enjoy a smoke-free bbq 8 KOREAN BBQ is a nice place to go for although a bit pricey.  There is no after smell on your body after the meal.  The restaurant is located at The Central with nicely spaced refined dining area, line with sleek sturdy tables and cushioned stools with removable lid to store your bags and belongings.

S$98 8 Colors Set belly pot is a specialty with custom-made wooden tray displaying 8 cuts of marinated Berkshire USA pork with complimentary home-made banchan, seafood bean paste stew and scorched rice soup.  Every piece is marinated in different flavors - original ginseng, wine, garlic, herb, red pepper paste, miso and curry

Nice equal size belly pork sizzling on the grill

Prima quality beef slices ready for the grill

Well-trained staff will help to grill the meat to precise doneness while you sit back to enjoy your food and drinks and nimble on the variety of Banchan served

Wrapping the delicious smoky meat  with lettuce leaves and eating it in one single mouthful

Slurping up a bowl of rice in spicy seafood bean paste soup brimming with mussels, cabbage and tofu to cleanse the palate

03 April 2014


Yumberry (杨梅) is also known as the Chinese bayberry, waxberry or Chinese strawberry. The outside of the fruit is completely bumpy, but it has the consistency of a seedless strawberry.

It is sweet and sourish tastes, which we dip it in salt before eating to cut out the tartness.  It is not cheap and you are luck if you manage to get your hands on some in Singapore, as the season only lasts one or two months from June to July.

02 April 2014


With such hot weather everyday one tends to loose moisture and get sick easily.  To keep sickness at bay and to sustain enough moisture in our body one needs to drink a lot of water and clear soup.  Coconut water is good natural electrolyte to dehydrate and very nutritious.  Coconut flesh  has sweet and warm characterisics which helps to strengthen our body and nourish yang heat.  Use with chicken and Chinese herbs to boil soup helps to nourish the lungs and relieve coughing.

Retain coconut juice for later use.  Use the coconut meat together with chicken, yu zhu, sweet dates (2) and wolfberries to boil over high heat, and continue to simmer over medium heat for 3-3.5 hours.   Before serving add the coconut juice and season with salt.

01 April 2014


The alternate way to view the full Marina Bay area is to take a ride on the cable car.  A good place to take photos at all angle.