28 April 2013


After reaching Wuri Station by HSR we reconnected a regular train to Taichung Rail Station, which was packed to the realm, making it more inconvenience with all our luggage.   The station is a city landmark of Taichung and a symbol of an era, and is a renaissance-style building from the time of Japanese control of Taiwan.  It was built in 1917.  Its construction represents the development of the city of Taichung and the construction of the railroad in Taiwan.

We stayed in newly renovated Plaza Hotel.  The location is great, 3-min walk from Taichung train station.  It is very accessible as there are many buses going to everywhere in Taichung. The rooms are exquisite though small but was adequate for two.  Clean and come with free  buffet breakfast.

27 April 2013


DH likes to eat meat. Once in a while meat takes center stage at the dinner table.  He likes pork chop be it grill or pan fried.

The chops are tenderized with pineapple juices and marinated with seasonings (salt, pepper, worchester sauce, mirin and red wine) for 2-3 hours.  Cook fresh blueberries in a saucepan with red wine till soft and season the sauce with some sugar.  Grill or pan fried chops and serve with the blueberry sauce, side dish of caramelized green apples and fried rice.

21 April 2013


Taiwan has great transportation service and is cheap.  Moving around in Taiwan is a breeze.  We took a High Speed Rail from Taipei to Taichung in less than an hour. The trains are clean and comfortable and offer ample leg resting space.  We arrived at Xinwuri Station and transferred to normal line to reach Taichung city.

20 April 2013


This simple and light porridge is suitable for hot weather.  It is not heavy for your body and provides & replenishes moisture that one loss through sweating.  When porridge is half cooked put in the gingko nuts (split open and remove the stem) and beancurd sticks and boil till soft.  Season with salt and soya sauce.

07 April 2013


A simple blueberry butter cake for tea. I used brown sugar to bake an aromatic cake

05 April 2013


The prices of properties has been shooting up in the world and the badly hurt are the retailers whose businesses are conducted in rental shops. In order to survive they had to resort to slashing their  produce prices in order to stay competitive.  This is so, especially in Hong Kong where rental of shops can shoot sky high and thus cause a lot of small eateries to close shop as they cannot keep up with the demand of high rents.

Many restaurants in Hong Kong are offering great discounts on their food in order to stay afloat and this has enticed a lot of tourists to visit Hong Kong just for the food.  One of the great offer is Foo Lum Restaurant with branches spread out in the colony.

We went to one of their branches in Aberdeen with offer of $1 chicken and discounts.

Roast goose a must eat when in Hong Kong.  The hugh goose is nicely roasted and succulent

Crabs with glass vermicelli in cast iron claypot  -  Fresh juicy crabs

Fried beancurd with fish maw and mushrooms

$1 soft juicy steam chicken

Spring onions in oil, perfect pairing to the chicken

Mix fried vegetables with fungus and bamboo pitts

Lobster balls with noodles in cheese sauce - creamy and cheesy

Sweet-sour spare ribs with chunks of pineapples

Deep fried squid with salted egg yolk sauce, very rich and tasty

Chinese kueh lapis - rice flour steamed with brown sugar

Peanuts mochi, soft and chewy

The cost for the whole meal is only HK$600 plus.  What a great deal and good food

01 April 2013


The homestay is very near to Zheqiang night market, about 15 minutes walk.  The market is small by size and not many stalls.  It is one of the famous two night markets in Hualien and is crowded during the weekends.  Visits to the night market is one of the entertainments for its people as Hualien has nothing much to offer for night life.

Sold out of banh my only ordinary sandwiches available  -  Disappointed

Famous stall with long queue, had to wait.  A tough choice to make but picked out the unusual ones

Varieties of tea to go with the barbeque

Popular coffin sandwiches.  The mutton was peppery and the chicken was succulent.  Good to eat when hot

Caramelize yam and sweet potatoes fries and could not stop eating