27 October 2013


After waiting out the rain we proceeded to dinner at the nearby Thai restaurant in Capital Square, where we had eaten when we were last there.  The place was not full as it was still early.  We ordered light dishes as we were still full from afternoon tea in Old Vienna Coffee House.

Papaya Salad

Raw Crab Salad  -  With fear of having a bad stomach afterwards I was a bit hesitated at eating it at first.  But it turned out fine

Crispy Soft Shell Crabs

Sour and Spicy Tom Yum Soup

No matter how full we were a meal is not complete without ending with desserts.

Delicious dessert but cannot recall what is it - durian or jackfruit?

Colorful rice balls in creamy coconut milk.  The balls were filled with rich gula melaka coconut fillings

26 October 2013


Sydney is a raining city in June. With its overcast sky and strong wind the best place to hide from the unpleasantry is the interlinked shopping malls and cafes.  While shopping in QVB we dropped by Old Vienna Coffee House to have hot drinks and desserts to wait out the rain. 

The Old Vienna Coffee House is lavish and traditional in decor.  Looking up at the chandeliers make ones feel you are at a ballroom.  Good atmosphere to linger with soft entertaining music

Classic stylish menu

A hot cup of Macchiato

Orange Pekoe Irish breakfast tea

Lemony crepe to go with lemon ice-cream

Cherry Strudel - Filled with luscious cherries and velvety smooth custard sprinkled in icing sugar

Rich chocolate mud cake in heavy chocolate frosting

Rain stopping while the sun going down and time for dinner

19 October 2013


To accommodate the whole family while on holiday in Sydney we opted to stay at the stylish apartments tower above World Square, Sydney's newest convenience based shopping centre featuring fantastic lifestyle and fashion stores, coles supermarket, sensational restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.  It is located in mid-town Sydney within a short stroll to Town Hall Train Station, Chinatown, Haymarket, Spanish Quarter, Darling Harbour, Hyde Park, Pitt Street Mall, Capitol Theatre, the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) and the Skyline Shopping Plaza.  

Directly under Meriton Serviced Apartments World Tower is the World Square Shopping Centre, which includes supermarkets, restaurants, boutiques etc.

The apartment was spacious and views were extraordinary

Well equipped kitchen to prepare meals

Breakfast with fresh ingredients from supermarket under

15 October 2013


A small Chinese bakery in Sydney Chinatown famous little cream puffs are crowds drawer, people line up every day for the cream puffs that are amazing.  Anyway it is winter time and everyone gets warm by queuing closely and feasting on these small nobs.

Be patient as service is extremely slow.  There is only one person operating both the cash register and the cream puff machine. And everyone in line seems to order a few dozens. Make sure to let them cool down before putting them in your mouth as it is extremely hot.

Their dumplings are gigantic and selling A$10 for 1.  The fillings are of mung beans, salted egg yolks and pork.  It is not worth the price as the dumpling is tasteless

14 October 2013


Along Pitt and George Streets are shops shops shops shop till you drop.  There are cafes to cater to the weary body and feet.

Japanese cafe offers excellent cakes

Matcha and red beans cake

Light and airy chiffon cake

Foamy milky green tea

Fragrant English Breakfast tea

12 October 2013


Great Japanese food in the outskirt of Sydney.  The place is down to earth and is popular amongst students for good value food, as they serves gigantic sushi.  It opens only in the evening and is crowded every night thus booking is a must.

Simple deco with not more than 20 tables.  Prepare to wait as there is manpower shortage.  With the crowd and noise this is not a place to linger

Delightful Japanese meal.  Sushi are enormous

Super fresh sashimi

Hugh global salmon roe

Grilled scallop sushi

Fresh scallops

Best fresh squids with a good bite

Sushi Tengoku Address

121 Anzac Parade

Kensington NSW 2033