29 July 2008


Ingredients :
Eucommia Bark (du-zhong)
Lingusticum Wallichil (chuan-qiong)
Codonopsis Root (dang-shen)
Astragaius Root (bei-qi)
Red Dates
Dried Longans
Wolfberry Fruits
Sweet Date

Ecommia bark (du-zhong) is the bark of plant.  It can strengthen the muscles, bones, back and knees, lower blood pressure and help relieve giddy spell by regulating the liver and kidneys.

Yu-zhu is effective in nourishing the yin and lungs, promoting secretion of body fluids and enhancing immunity.  As it contains vitamin A and mucilage, it can help the skin become smooth and fine.

Condonopsis root (dang-shen) nourishes vital energy, revitalizing blood and strengthening the body.  It engenders fluids and supresses heat thus it is good for your complexion.

Astragalus root (bei-qi) can nourish the vital energy and improve anemia.  It helps in reducing edema, and is often used for healing of wound after an operation.

Use pork bones for this soup.  Combine all ingredients and simmer over low heat for 3 hours.

Long-term consumption of this soup helps to strengthen bone, tendon and improves health.

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