30 June 2013


Taiwan is a food paradise.  There are variety of food which you can eat to your heart content.  Besides quality there is a plus in quantity and cheap cost.  We really enjoyed the food and eating non-stop.

Hearty herbal soup and mee-sua in fragrant sesame oil and chilly sauce on a cold day to be followed by a hot bowl of sweet soup of beancurd jelly with red beans and chewy yam balls

Great yummy and cheesy Italian meal in cute cozy cafe

Delicious crispy waffles with raspberry ice-cream in strawberry sauce.  
Big juicy strawberries go well with volcanic ice-cream infused with thick cream and chocolate almond chips
Melt in the mouth vanilla panna-cotta in fresh mango sauce
A cup of strawberry tea to refresh the tastebud

29 June 2013


There are also a number of department stores and distinctive shopping areas and boutiques in Taichung City where one can shop to their last dollar.  The European-style Jingming Shopping District imparts Taichung with a fashionable elegance that everyone will connect it to the Champs Elysees in Paris.

08 June 2013


Ningxia is a night market with many delicious food stalls

A busy street lined with vendors on both sides

As we were walking we passed this dessert stall which sells peanut soup with huge tang yuan, which turned out to be muah chee.  The stall was crowded with people waiting their turn to eat or take away as there were limited tables and chairs.  We waited for half an hour before we found a table to squeeze 6 of us in.  We ordered muah chee coated with peanuts and sesame powder filled with black sesame sauce, and muah chee in shaved ice covered in both powders. 

The ice muah chee were hugh, fresh and chewy.  We could not stop eating.  We would like to order some more but due to the crowd we gave up.

There were stalls selling muah chee with fillings which were not our cup of tea.  Moreover the sizes were huge.

While we were walking back to our hotel we came across this muah chee cart.  A small packet of 4 costs S$1.20 and big packet of 7 costs S$2.00.  Of course we ordered big packs for all of us.  We were overjoyed and ate to our satisfaction. 

02 June 2013


Japanese cucumber with coral fungus.  Mix all with yuzu soya sauce, sesame oil and mirin and refrigerate till ready to eat.