20 August 2011


We step into memory lane with home-cooked food whenever we dine at Soup Restaurant.  These are dishes of traditional delicacies which revived childhood fondness.

Tender steam chicken to go with minced ginger  -  signature dish

Considered delicacy during World War II as this was the only vegetable available for survival

Tofu, a simple dish upgraded

Plain rice fried with pickled olive leaves

 Beggar's bowl with amazing fill

09 August 2011


Eat more vegetables during hot weather.  A vegetable stew cooked in a crock pot with dashi stock and let it simmer till tender.  Soaked and rinsed cuttlefish, cut into medium pieces and add into the radish till softened.   Add in seasoning. 

The flavor of the radish is overwhelming when you bite into it.

08 August 2011


Have a leisure lunch on eve of National Day. 

07 August 2011


Make use of left-over egg white to make a cold dish.  While waiting for egg-white to thaw at room temperature before use, marinate silken bean curd with light soya sauce and sesame oil.

Beat egg-white till firm and spread over to cover cold bean curd.   Steam till egg-white is set. Sprinkle with benito flakes and sesame seeds.  Refrigerate till serving time.  (P.S. Actually I could not remember whether I steam the dish or not as I make this dish out of random).

06 August 2011


The weather is so hot that I do not want to cook. But it is worth the effort  and sweat when all family members are present to enjoy the food and camaraderie.  With everyone busy with work and occupy with other activities nowadays it is rare that all are hardly able to enjoy a meal together.

Simple and quality meal.  A soup, main dish, vegetables and a salad.  Boiled soup and marinate fish in the morning.  When ready to eat, grill fish in oven and prepare salad.  Last of all fry the vegetables.

Lemon juice with seasame oil, soya sauce and sugar mix together and pour over fish before serving.   Fry onions till caramelized and add in fresh mushroom till cook.  Spoon over fish.

Prepare fresh prawns and add in avocado pieces, fresh onions and tomatoes.  Toss salad in olive oil, lime juice, salt, mirin sauce and a spoonful of mustard.  Mix well and refrigerate till serve.