20 July 2008


Weekend is Family Day - we go out for dinner at least once a week and also a resting day for the family chef.

The food we had for the evening was Thai food in a restaurant in Siglap which we had not tried before.

Ice water and a basket of kerapok were served upon seated.

The Thai honey chicken was served with pickled papaya slices.  The chicken pieces were crispy and coated with honey sauce.  The taste was sourish sweet when eaten with papaya slices.

Green curry chicken was too thick for our liking and it was like drinking full-cream milk.  The lemak was overpowered by too much coconut milk.  Ample pieces of chicken and brinjal balls.

Tom Yam clear soup was served individually in a bowl instead of in a claypot.  The soup was not spicy but  sour and lemony.

Soft shell crabs were not crispy and lack the aroma of curry leaves.

More vinegar should be added to the vermicelli prawn served in aluminum pot.

The garlic fried baby kai-lan order was missed out.  Overall the food was considered mild for Thai food.

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant Pte Ltd
899 East Coast Road
Tel : 64431995

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  1. That beats any kind of Thai food we have here! I got so frustrated that I just bought a lemon grass plant this weekend and a Thai cookbook!!