26 July 2008


The restaurant is situated at such an obscure spot that hardly anybody would notice.  We intended to dine at Crystal Jade and happened to pass by and decided to dine here.  The display on the side table resembled bread loaves at a glance but on closer look they are ....

It was paper wrapped ginseng chicken.  Unlike the usual wrapped chicken which were chopped into small pieces, this was served whole.  The chicken was marinated and wrapped together with  Chinese herbs and baked.  The chicken was tender and juicy and full of herbal aroma.

The fried rice in XO sauce was full of wok hei.  The rice was fried with seafood and very tasty.

The hot-plate tofu was served sizzling hot.  The tofu were deep fried and cooked together with seafood and minced pork, with a lot of eggs.

The longivity mien shien was dried and tasty.  It tasted like bee-hoon.  I like the crunchy taste of the beansprouts f.ried together.

CZ'ZAR Singapore Inspired Cuisine
#01-37 Great World City
Tel : 58362520

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  1. interesting post.

    Have passed by the place countless times, and never ventured inside...maybe will do so soon.