30 March 2014


A blueberry sponge cake for tea

29 March 2014


After running some errands ended up lunch at a food court.  Ordered variety of food to share.

Worth the value olive rice set came with mango salad and tom yam soup

Chinese onion pancakes with pockets full of spring onions.  Hot and fluffy right out of the pan

A big bowl of thick oyster mee-suan with large pig intestines.  The children have fun slurping the gooey sourish mee-sua filled to the brim

Seafood pad-thai accompanied with lime fish sauce.  The plateful of noodles was filled with wok-hei

Soupy pho - smooth and slippery hor-fun in thick beef broth with thin slices of tender juicy beef and lots of kangkong

Hakka yong-tau-fu in clear soya bean soup

23 March 2014


With the haze returns at PSI crossing at moderate range last month, imagine the impact on the human lungs.  The haze is very drying for the lungs and for preventive measure use traditional Chinese medicine to boost health and fight the haze.  Some herbal soups can alleviate some of the breathing dicomfort and help to moisture and nourish the lungs.

The lungs tranquilizing soup strengthens respiratory system and weak body.   Boil 3 litres of water and add in dangshen-当参, fu ling-伏苓, maidong-麦冬, shudi-熟地, yuzhu-玉竹 and gouqi-枸杞 together with chicken bones and breasts.  Simmer for approximately 2 hours.

22 March 2014


Awfully Chocolate East Coast branch was in old Katong Mall.  When the mall was rebuilt the shop moved across the street and set up shop at the junction of Choo Jiat and East Coast Road, corner shop of the row of two-storey terraces along Katong.  The new shop offers a wide range of bistro dinning.  The ambience is warm and have selected seating arrangement for smaller and larger groups.  The service was ok but the food is priced on the high side

Sourish sweet agar agar drink.  A good drink on a scorching day

Laksa tagliatelle - Modern dish with local influences.  The prawns were grilled to perfection with heads intact and the curry leaves provided strong flavor to the dish. 

Pan seared pink salmon fillet served with al dente linguine bathed in tomatoe pasta sauce with fresh dill

Aglio Olio with yummy mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and asparagus in miso paste.  The dish was light in taste

Definitely dessert to conclude the meal.  Their famous stacked chocolate cake with chocolate ice-cream

Go light on full stomach with their citrus infused moist cake

16 March 2014


What I like about Sydney is their cafes, especially during breakfast time.  Everywhere there are cafes serving breakfast.  Every morning we would walk from Liverpool street to Surrey Hill all the way down.

A hip, cutesy small cafe situated at the start of Glebe Point Road.  

Nice interior decorations and atmosphere.  The decoration of the cafe is very unique

Their Masala chai latte is amazing

Baked eggs with chorizo or lamb sausages are burning hot but nevertheless a delicious choice to go with toast

Big portion to be shared

Brinjal Hummus with garlic bread

15 March 2014


Bedok South food centre is one of our dinning options.  The stalls that we normally patronize are the Hill Street char kuay teow, which usually closed early, leaving the Wah Kee cuttlefish and Hock Seng Choon noodles stalls.   There are usually long queues for these stalls which is a testimonial for good food.

It usually takes about 20 minutes to queue.  The stall closed on Mondays and the operation hours are from 1800 hour to 2030 hour.  Cheap and best cuttlefish kangkong in town, costs you $2.00 per serving formally but has now increase price to $3.00 per serving which still worth the value.

Generous sprinkle of fragrant peanuts with lots of cuttlefish, cucumbers and pineapples with a choice of mee hoon, or without.

No other places serve you such an amount of chewy perfect tender cuttlefish.  The tantalizing sweet & sour sauce is more than enough to blend every piece of ingredients and allured one to lick up to the very last drops.

This stall has quite a lot of patrons, with a long queue whenever we are there.  They serve excellent fish balls which are big and bouncy, without any floury taste.  We usually ordered the dry springy mee-bok version with very spicy chilli and sweet tomato sauce.

09 March 2014


We took a train from Shueng Wan to Central Station where we changed train to continue our journey to Tung Chung.  From there we took a cable car to reach Ngong Ping village.  It was cold and windy on the day we visited.  The village is designed after ancient china architecture with many restaurants and coffee shops which I thought was a bit over commercialized.

We can hear the wind howling even inside the cable car.  The car swung from time to time and the glass windows were all frosted.  At time when the mist clear we managed to take some shots.

From the ground level it is 268 steps to the Lotus Throne on which the Buddha sits.  The steps are pretty steep.   We were in decent physical shape, and have to take a short break halfway up the stairs to rest our legs and catch our breath.  The lotus throne is the circular seat of the Big Buddha. Visitors can walk around the it and enjoy the view from there, but cannot go inside the Buddha itself. 

With the mist cleared the view of the surrounding island and the sea was very pretty.

There are stalls selling Tofu Fa and so claim that the Tofu Fa make from water from the hill (山水豆腐花) by using stone grinder (石磨).  We picked Tak Kee out of 2~3 stalls as the rest were not opened for business yet. 

Due to the coldness we ordered hot tofu fa with ginger syrup (HK$10).  Ginger syrup alone has enhanced the bland flavor of Tofu Fa and at the same time added some red sugar available on the table to adjust to our preferred sweetness.    The red sugar dissolved gradually.  Smoothness of the pudding was just awesome.  It was incredibly smooth and soft.  We also ordered the sweet sesame paste which was thick and great flavor.

08 March 2014


We visited Macau last December and tried their famous crab porridge at Seng Cheong.  The eatery is situated at Taipa - Rua do Cunha or 官也街.   It was still early when we came so getting a place is not a problem  

According to the information pamphlet the porridge was cooked by boiling with 3 different types of crab : meat crab, roe crab and flower crab which resulted in very rich crab flavor

The porridge is very rich in flavor.  Crabs were soaked in the very smooth and fragrant porridge.  We gave our thumbs up.

We also ordered side dishes of soft shell crabs and stir fried lettuces in oyster sauce.  The crispy soft shell crabs go well with vinegar

After dinner a nice stroll back to the hotel.  Enchanting night scene along the way

Galaxy Hotel interior