25 August 2012


Having a late lunch and too full for dinner usually landed us with light supper.  There are many places to eat at East Coast.  TCC at airport terminal 3 is one of the good choices.

Eggplant with portabella mushroom.  The eggplants and mushroom fully absorbed the rich flavour of the sauce. 

Thick chocolatey mocha full of chocolate aroma

White chocolate tiramisu

Chocolate sandwich ice-cream with luscious berries and sponge cake

19 August 2012


The soup tonifies the liver and kidney, invigorates the senses, regulates blood and strengthens yang.  Cordyceps help to strengthen the lungs, promote breathing and increase oxygen intake.
Wolfberries help to improve eyesight arthritic pain and nourishment.
Chinese yam helps to treat women's menopausal symptms, for poor appetite and fatigue

Cordyceps 1 bundle (around 8)
Chinese yam
Sweet dates 2
Garlic 3 pcs
Ginger 1 thick slice
Chicken bones 6-8

18 August 2012


A leisure day, together with your other half,  to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with some lovely snacks and to people watch.  The children are grown and have their own lives which leave us more free time to indulge in our free time. 

Tea cum dinner

Pumpkin and bacon quiche  -  the sweetness of the pumpkin blends well with the bacon and cheese

Savory quiche fill with spinach

Chocolate lemon tart to balance the savory quiche

Of course there are Mocha latte and ice tea

12 August 2012


So much had been said about Twelve Cup Cakes.

Variety of flavors.  The cakes are on a dry side but the cream is lovely especially the caramel and mocha flavors.

11 August 2012

TURNIP 6-FLAVOR SOUP (六 味 沙 葛 汤)

This soup helps to treat disturbed sleep, relieves irritation and strengthen the stomach to stimulate the digestive system.

1 Medium Size Turnip
Glehniae Radix (沙 参)
Solomnseal Rhizome (玉 竹)
Lily Bulb (百 合)
Chinese Yam
Forex Seeds
Lotus Seeds
Dried Longan
Chicken Breast 2 pieces

05 August 2012


Cooking can also be a stress releasing tool.  My daughter cooks whenever she is under stress to release tension.

A healthy and easy dish to prepare.

Cut zucchini, onions, brinjals and tomatoes into wages.  Season vegetables with olive oil and salt, add fresh rosemary and basil.  Place in the baking tray.

Wash and boil couscous with chicken stock, seafood, onions and raisins.  Keep stirring to prevent sticky mush until liquid is absorbed.  Fluff to separate.

Stuff capsicums with couscous and roast together with vegetables in the oven

04 August 2012


Hectic life, sleepy head, empty stomach, rushing to work...  sounds familiar.  Well this is normal from Monday to Friday - stressful work and "monsters".  Only on weekends where you can sleep a bit longer and have a leisure breakfast or brunch.

Blueberry french toasts with maple syrup

Sweet luscious strawberries for pancakes

Fluffy soft pancakes drizzles with syrup with dollop of butter and strawberry

Selections of french toast or pancakes but 2 are the best