19 January 2016


Discovered a corner eatery, next to Chelsa Lodge in Tanjong Katong.  Quiet place to enjoy your lunch without much crowd.  Not very big place but can comfortably accommodate 10 tables.

Drinks served before food  -  Hot chocolate and cold milk tea

Vegetarian pasta with sun dried tomatoes and fresh mushrooms

Meat combo to share : roast pork, sausages, chicken and salad

13 January 2016


Make a meal out of potatoes, flour and egg with pasta sauce

Mash 2 potatoes and mix with 2 cups of plain flour

Add 1 egg and mix all together

Form dough into right consistency.  Pinch into small pieces and cooked in hot water till floated up

Cook pasta sauce with minced meat and mushroom and mixed up with cooked gnocchi.  Sprinkle with some mozzarella cheese

12 January 2016


Mezza9 at the Hyatt is a trendy restaurant with a seating capacity of 400 and offers a multitude of culinary delights ranging from Japanese, Chinese and Thai to Western cuisine.

Nice table setting

Started off with bread to fill hunger pang

Appetizers to cleanse the palate first

Cold seafood platter

Smoke salmon salad

Thai glass noodles salad, sweet and sourish

Croquettes with fresh cream and mayonnaise

Main courses to share

Roast chicken with capsicum, zucchini, corn and roasted potatoes

Grill lamb with asparagus and potatoe fries

Grill salmon with salsa sauce and mash potatoes

Desserts to end the meal

Berries mousse cake

Apple tart with ice-cream

Custard cream crepe with coconut ice-cream

Fruit tart with mango ice-cream

11 January 2016


Light sponge cake to go with home-made cranberry jam.

06 January 2016


We visited the grape farm in Turpan and was treated to a feast of fresh fruits of water melon and honey dew.  They were sweet and juicy.

Entertainment of lovely dance performance by Uighur lass

Farmer introduced the variety of grapes he grows and the procession of dried raisins

Fresh grapes are processed into sun dried raisins.  At the end of the visit, there were raisins for sale. The price was higher than in the market.