25 May 2014


Cold Storage sells smoke duck breast in individual packet and flavor is smoky tasty.  I sliced it up to make a cold dish paired with canned abalone and liver sausages.

24 May 2014


Baked some blueberry friands to enjoy in the leisure weekend afternoon.  

Ingredients and method can refer to http://makan-mania.blogspot.sg/2009/02/friands.html

18 May 2014


Tiong Bahru curry rice in the Tai Kwang Huat Coffee Shop where we usually patronized during weekend.  Their curry so claim takes 3 days to make, spicy, thick and fragrant.  Price is reasonable and food tasty tasty which is the reason that command such a queue everyday.  Their deep fried pork chop, cabbage (sometimes just stir fry) and sotong slathered in curry sauce.  What I like most is their braised yong tau-foo in thick bean paste.

It is no longer in their old location but a little further down on Seng Poh Road, due to rent hike.  The place is not as comfortable and big as the old one.  All seats are along the pavement.  

17 May 2014


World Square is the central business district shopping centre surrounded by restaurants, cafes, bars and eateries that offers fresh and prepared food, a unique selection of fashion, homewares, lifestyle items and service.  There is no shortage of food to fill one stomach.

This Japanese restaurant is just round the corner of the shopping centre and offers cheap and good food.  Just queue up to choose your selections and pay for before finding a seat.

13 May 2014


What is a bit of walking in the freezing cold when there is good food waiting to be devoured?  We were going to dine in Hurrican's Grill at Darling Harbor.  It was a good meal where we last ate there.  We went early to avoid the crowd as no reservation is taken and the queue is always miles snaking.

Large and fresh oysters to work up our palate

Gigantic platter of fresh greens with big knob baked potatoes to go with relishable sauces

Side dish of smoky portabella mushrooms coated in thick brown sauce

Two big slabs of smoky barbeque sauce ribs to share amongst 5 persons.  No stomach space to conclude dinner with desserts.

Leisure walk back to the hotel against the cold with our warm and energetic bodies.   

11 May 2014


Nearing the end of our Sydney stay, we sent one of the girls back to Perth before our departure to Singapore.  As her flight is at 5am in the early hours we travelled by the City Circle also known as the Airport Link to the airport.  The Airport line is an underground line linking the airport to the city.  The railway line connecting Sydney Airport to the Central Business District and the south-western suburbs in Sydney.

The City Circle built between the airport's International and Domestic Terminals, allowed services to make a continuous run through the city and return to the suburbs without having to terminate.

All suburban passenger trains in Sydney are double-deck electric multiple units with spacious seatings and ample leg room

10 May 2014


Our family had an enjoyable stay in the Sydney Meriton Service Apartment (World Tower) at our last visit in March.  The apartment was spacious and well appointed. The position of the building was very central to shopping, restaurants, transport and Sydney attractions as was mention in detailed here.

Cabled and Wi-Fi high-speed internet access, with a limitation of 1GB per apartment / per 24-hr period, excess usage fees apply

Comfortable master bedroom

Huge bathrooms

Spacious open kitchen with cooking utilities

Large living area to entertain guests

Amazing views at 67th floor  -  Great view of the city and surroundings

04 May 2014


Some of the popular stores at Beauty World food centre which draws crowds : Pasta and satay beehoon

03 May 2014


Although there are may negative reviews about Hoshino Coffee in Plaza Singapura but they never fail to draw crowds.  We went for dinner after work one evening and rated the service and food moderate.  The place is too noisy to linger and talk.  Instead of people watch it is crowds watching as the queue really stretch as the night lingers on.

Tea to start off for everyone, pure Darjeeling tea

Clam Chowder Spaghetti - clams and bacon swimming  in flavorful buttery sauce

Lobster Bisque Spaghetti - No lobsters but small shrimps, tofu and tomatoes submerged in thick tomatoes sauce

Their own creation - Hoshino Sphagetti, a better version fill with sausages, tomatoes, egg plants, vegetables and a half boiled egg.  Light oil, seasoning and sesame seeds round off the dish

Hot chocolate fondant with free flowing lava goes well with softee

Average matcha parfait - Bitter ice-cream paired with red beans and cookie

02 May 2014


We shipped back 3 boxes of brown sugar ginger tea cube during our last Taiwan trip where we ordered from Juifen.  The sugar cube tea is easy to make, great to drink.  The ginger tea, famously known as 薑母茶 in chinese, keeps your body warm and works well when you catch a cold, no better way to comfort your body on a cold and rainy day.  Taiwanese women maintain their health by drinking brown sugar ginger tea more than other beverages.

Brown sugar is a warming and nourishing food which promotes qi, alleviates stomach and intestinal discomfort, invigorates blood, removes statis, warms the meridians, disperses cold and relieves pain.  Eating brown sugar, especially for women, during one's menstrual period can help menstrual blood discharge, alleviate cramping, reduce bloating and relieve lower back pain.

Sweet potatoes soup is boiled with brown sugar ginger cubes in place of rock sugar for health benefits