24 August 2014


Soya sauce pork with eggs and fried bean-curd is a delectable dish to go with rice, especially when boiled for long hours till the pork is soft and melt in the mouth, and the bean-curd absorbed the flavor of the sauce.  With only the bean-curd left after all other ingredients had been consumed, I used the bean-curd to create another dish by stir frying with preserved bamboo shoots and chilly & pepper corns.

17 August 2014


We celebrated our daughter's birthday by having brunch at the Raffles Hotel restaurant HALIA which offers European cuisine with Asian inspirations at affordable price.

A spacious restaurant with green environment and a collection of wood-carved tables.  Large French windows to let in an abundance of daylight. 

Open concept kitchen and bar for great show

Once seated a large basket of assorted bread, scones and pastries was offered served with clotted cream, butter and jam to go with

Hot and cold cinnamon infusions with orange syrup and mint berry mocktai

The Salmon pate ($16) was served in a glass jar topped by roast floret, tomato and cauliflower puree with vanilla. The texture of the pinkish salmon was smooth and served, and to be eaten, together with baguettes

The Oriental Pulled Duck ($18) is light and refreshing. The flavorful duck was served with soba , tossed in sesame oil, which gives a contrasting texture to the meat

Sous vide lamb rack ($49), done to tender medium-rare perfection, is accompanied by a delectable artichoke, green peas and arugula

Must try chilli crab pasta where the thick gravy covered every strain of pasta.  There was real crab meat

A grilled breakfast with poached eggs ($23) that comes with Italian pork sausage, sweetened bacon, portobello mushroom, vine tomato and toasted sourdough

Oriental dish of steamed tender halibut to go with Japanese sesame rice garnished with pickled cucumbers

Pork Square - compacted meatloaf crisply fried with poached eggs, stewed beans, spinach and diced vegetables

A lemon curd cake for birthday girl

16 August 2014


To eat healthily we occasionally replace rice with couscous.  Couscous are healthy whole grains and  is good for the body and helps with weight loss. Couscous gives a feeling of fullness, thus curbing hunger.  It is a specific cultural dish mainly found in Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean areas.

Steam couscous till fluffy.  When cold add in whatever food or vegetables you fancy and it makes a healthy and balance meal.  For this meal I added in zucchini, cucumber, sun dried tomatoes and flaky salmon.