28 December 2015


2015 Christmas Dinner prepared by the children : Dried tomatoes mushroom pasta, Smoked salmon & avocado salad, Ginger pumpkin soup and Creamy mashed potatoes.

25 December 2015


Warabimochi is a jelly-like confection made from bracken starch and covered or dipped in kinako (sweet toasted soybean flour) or brown sugar syrup.

Kuzu (arrowroot starch) is used by heating starch, water and sugar and stirred till it becomes a clear mixture, from which bite-sized round portions are cooled and hardened.

Its translucent appearance has a cooling effect and hence commonly used in summer desserts

24 December 2015


Wandered around Joo Chiat Place after dinner in Katong and came into this shop for a drink.  Nothing great, simple cakes and drinks.

23 December 2015


First meal in Macau at the old style restaurant.  Was told they are famous for their shrimp roe noodles.  Queued for nearly half an hour to secure seats.  Serving was fast and very noisy environment to eat in.  They have a selection of noodles, dumplings and congee to choose from.

The noodles was good but a tad dry.  Dumplings were huge and juicy.  The soup accompanied the noodles was flavorful.

The pork chops bun was fabulous, tender meat stuffed in a crispy bun

Hugh slices of cuttlefish with vegetables in oyster sauce.  The cuttlefish was chewy with good bite.


Visited Macau from Hong Kong by Turbojet

Lunch on board

Macau Tower entertainment and convention center located in the Special Administration of the People's Republic of China

Elegant Portuguese and baroque style building in Downtown

Senado Square, a paved town square in Macau, China and part of the UNESCO Historic Centre of Macau World Heritage Site.  Christmas decorations to celebrate year end season.

Popular confectionary chain which had been turned into TVB serials featuring the ups and downs of the store

Bustling streets featuring clothing shops, curio markets, pharmacies, snack stalls and jewelry shops housed in the narrow alleyways selling dazzling items

The Turkish ice-cream stall is on the side street on the way to St Paul's Ruins

The facade of St Paul's Church

Panorama of scene from front of St Paul's Ruins

28 January 2015


The charming Grape Valley is located 13 km northeast of Turpan City, in a valley in the western part of the Flaming Mountains, 8 km long from north to south, 2 km wide from east to west.  The ditch, a natural grape museum, is covered with low hanging grapes.

A pool of refreshing clear spring water on the hillside running down from the Tianshan Mountains

Sheep wandering freely round the park

Low hanging grapes trellis forms into the vines intertwined corridor, people can easily reach the grapes by outstretching hands.

Wise old man, housekeeper of the big manor

Interior room of the manor

The walls of the manor are laced with intricate tiles