26 May 2013


The precious thing that I brought back from Taiwan is the coral seaweed flourishing in the island.  It is sold in either fresh or dried form, which of course we bought the dried ones.  It was recommended by a shop owner who we met while touring the wet market in Hua Lian.  It is called the Sea Bird Nest as it is rich in collagen, the protein which is responsible for beautiful and firm skin plus a good protection for wearing down body joints.

The unprocessed dried seaweed covered in sea salt.

Soak seaweed in water till expanded.  Change water frequently till free of sea salt and seaweed turns transparent and feel gelatinous.

Cut seaweed into manageable pieces and store in freezer for later use
When boiling soup throw in a handful of the seaweed for anti-aging.

25 May 2013

XIAO LA JIAO (小 辣 椒)

My birthday dinner was held at a Szechuan restaurant at 112 Katong.  This place, a budget family-style and authentic Szechuan restaurant, gives you value for money and the food is good.  We loved the food having tried it the first time, and decided to celebrate the occasion with hot spicy food. 

Cold dish of boiled white pork dipped in super hot sauce

These dumplings were pan-fried on one side and fully filled with minced meat

Deep fried prawns in griddle pot with potato strips overlaid with peppercorn, chilli oil, onions and spices.  Be caution not to bite into the peppercorn as experienced, it will trigger tingling numbness of the tongue.  It was hot but shiok!

Claypot eggplant was aromatic and soft.  Deliciously flavored with bean and minced meat sauce.

Double fried pork with leeks and spring onions in chilli oil.  The pork was crispy and go well with rice.

Fresh baling gu was simply stir-fried to retain the biting texture and flavor

This hot & sour soup was a knock-out which augmented with red-hot chilly oil.  There were plenty mushrooms, tofu and bamboo shoots in the soup

Freshly steamed cod

Finally, to kill the heat we each had a bowl of cold sweet fungus with lotus seeds soup

We shared the mango pamelo soup which is refreshing and delicious.  The soup was thick with mango puree and should be sweeter as the sour pamelo outshone the mango

19 May 2013


My daughters bought a strawberry cake for my birthday from Paris Baguette at Wisma Atria. This is a top Korean bakery with 3500 stores in Korea, USA and China.  The cake was covered in fresh yogurt instead of fresh cream and generously decorated & filled with big and juicy strawberries.

04 May 2013


Not a cheap option to eat Indian food in a restaurant but hearing so many good reviews about Saffron Kitchen in East Coast Road, we give it a try.  The business is good and when we left every table was filled.  Advise to make reservation beforehand.

Solid chicken masala curry, creamy and mild.  Right choice to go with rice

Cauliflower and potatoe curry heavy on cardamom and cumin but well blend

A good choice for curry, crispy and thin naan and pappadam

Saffron basmati rice with hard-boiled egg.  The rice was fluffy and firm

Mutarbak full of onions and muttons

03 May 2013


Simple dishes to prepare - fried minced pork with curry leaves and spices, luffa with mushrooms.  Within an hour dinner is on the go

Marinate meat with spicy shrimp paste.  Fry minced garlic, onions and curry leaves till fragrant.  Add in minced meat and fry over high heat and sprinkle in 2 tablespoons of water.  Simmer the meat till thoroughly cook.  Throw in 1 sliced chilly, stir and dish up.

Cut luffa into thick slices (choose small luffa as big ones contain a lot of seeds).  Stir fry garlic and dried prawns.  Add luffa and fresh portabella & straw mushrooms.  Do not add too much water as luffa gives out a lot of water during cooking.  Season with oyster sauce.

01 May 2013


After settling in the hotel we proceeded for dinner at a Japanese eatery nearby.  It was bbq food where the food was prepared in another section outside the eatery.  We proceeded to order food and pay outside the eatery.  We shared the food as the portion was large.

Big piece of crackling pork katsu with stewed beancurd, fried egg & sausages and vegetables with thick sauce

An extra side order of fried sausages

Chicken katsu rice.  The tender chicken was deep fried with egg batter

Another side dish  - Fried chicken

Sesame fried chicken with onions and herbal plant.  The chicken were fragrant and well seasoned