29 June 2014


A soup for women :  notoginseng / tian qi, codonopsis root / dang shen, lean meat, red dates and ginger

Notoginseng root revitalizes blood.  Codonopsis root nourishes heart.  Red dates replenish blood.  Ginger warms the body and stomach

Suitable for backaches, poor blood circulation, cold limbs and sleep disorders.  The soup is not suitable for pregnant women

22 June 2014


There are many cheap eateries in New Town and we settled for Thai food.

The food portion serves in Australia are big and a lot.  We ordered a few dishes and shared  

Beef salad with fresh herbs and vegetables 

Fried fish cakes with sweet sour sauce

Traditional dish Phat Thai

21 June 2014


We ventured out of Sydney city into inner West suburb New Town.  Its attractions range from restaurants and bars, to theatres and clubs.  Specialist shops include vintage fashion and music stores, bookshops, antique stores, hairdressing salons and homeware shops.  Many restaurants and cafes offering a range of ethnic cuisine.  We spent half a day strolling, seeing, shopping to our heart content and eating.

This is what draws us to New Town Black Star Pastry Shop  -  their famous strawberry watermelon cake we have been raving for.  The sweet strawberries and water melon, delicious rosewater cream coupled with the biscuit bottom for texture

09 June 2014


8th June was a joyous occasion for the family. It was the day my 1st born had her marriage solemnized.  The ROM (Registrar of Marriage) and lunch was held in the Masons Restaurant at  Gillman's Barrack with close friends and relatives.  The solemnization was held on a fine day at the courtyard.   The wedding dinner will be held in December.

The Justice of Peace Professor Lee who solemnized their marriage was their tutor in Neuroscience during their university days

Housed in a restored colonial bungalow, European dining establishment Masons charms with its surrounding lush greenery.  The interiors of the restaurant is modern Colonial fashion, with white and black tiles, teak tables and glass front windows.  The walls were laced with old photos of 50-60s Singapore scene.  It provides a stylish and elegant dining environment.

Food was European cuisine buffet-style, simple and light