22 April 2012


Working life is no bed of roses.  Besides having to cope with heavy workload we have to face unreasonable reprimands and unfairness.  Fortunately as colleagues and later as close friends we are able to face all these together.   Happy or not life still goes on and once a while after work we will treat ourselves to nice food and enjoy the genuine camaraderie.

Our last treat was frog porridge in Eminent Frog Porridge at 323 Geylang Road, Lorong 19.  As usual we ordered dishes after dishes.  The only setback was the inefficient service, the staff ignored us after we told them not to serve the dishes too fast. 

Fresh cooling coconut juice but with thick flesh

Stir-fry spicy french beans

Deep fried bean curd with minced pork.

Claypot frog legs which was delicious with rice

Big and fleshy salted egg crabs

Bitter gourd omelette which was tasteless

Deep fried ice-cream

21 April 2012


You can never go hungry in Perth.  After a day shopping and walking around there are cafes and restaurants everywhere to cure your stomach, especially in the heart of city.  David Jones is conveniently situated at Hay Street with big basement food court, catering international gourmet food.

Nice cakes and yummy pastries &pies to go with fine coffee and tea

Big sushi bar

Fresh package sushi available in different sizes and platters

Grill salmon sushi

Tuna rolls and salmon sushi

15 April 2012


We berthed at the Ferry Terminal at O'Connor Landing, Victoria Quay Fremantle Harbour which caters for both Swan River and Rottnest Island vessels, after the cruise tour.

Fremantle Ports Administration

E-Shed Markets, a waterside market is a stone's throw from the Railway Station and right next door to the Fremantle Maritime Museum and the Rottnest Ferry Terminals.  The market is located in a historical warehouse building in Victoria Quay.  The market offers fresh produce, unique gifts and souvenirs, local arts and crafts, international food court and free entertainment every weekend.

Jump on a Fremantle CAT bus to go around Fremantle

The streets are abuzz with shoppers and lively restaurants are jam-packed in Cappuccino Street

An enjoyment to the eyes.  The mangoes are gigantic, juicy and sweet

Competing under the clear blue sky

Majestic skyline as we approached towards the city

14 April 2012


Fremantle boasts the best preserved 19th century world-famous heritage buildings and a fascinating maritime and convict history.

The Fremantle Market

01 April 2012


I enjoy pickle stuffed chillies but is not easy to get nice green papayas.  Often ended up buying papaya that was half-ripe or too soft for grating even though it looked emerald green outside.  I finally got a nice fruit from my colleague who owns a papaya tree.  

Peel off the skin and grate the papaya finely.  Rub with salt and squeeze out the juices completely.  Dry the grated papaya under the hot sun till completely dry.  Pound 3 to 4 candlenuts (can be bought at Seng Siong Supermarket) with soaked dried shrimp till fine.   Fry the shrimp mixture in oil till fragrant and add in the dried papaya strips.  Season with salt and sugar.  Dish aside and let cool completely.

De-seed the fresh green chillies completely and soak them in boiled salt water for a while.  Dry chillis thoroughly.

Fill chillies fully with papaya mixtures

Fill saucepan with half bottle white vinegar and add water (ratio of 1:3).  Boil in high heat and add in sugar.  Adjust to your preferable sweetness.  Arrange chillies in a glass bottle and pour in the vinegar slowly till full (make sure that chillies are fully submerged in vinegar) when cool.  Tighten lid and put in a cool dry area for 2-3 weeks for the flavor to develop before consuming.