28 July 2009


Strawberry! Strawberry! How I love you, for your brightness and sweetness.

Mouth Watering!

25 July 2009


Went for lunch and shopping during June school holiday with my children.  When without DH along we will opt for western meal as he is a more traditional man who only goes for Chinese meal. Decided to eat at The Bistro in Borders as it was years since we last dined there.  The bookstore was crowded as usual and was lucky able to secure a place without booking.

The open space kitchen where you can observe the actions.

Set of condiment on every table

Our favorite - cream of mushroom soup.  Chock full of mushroom and awesome with a dash of pepper

Tomatoe Seafood Soup - Sourish and full of seafood

Light appetizer of thin mushroom slice drizzle with butter-vinegar sauce

Poach salmon served with risotto and vegetables

Pork chop in thick mushroom sauce with vegetables and baby potatoes

Roast crispy chicken with rice

Smoke salmon in cream with baguette

Strawberry ice-cream

End of meal with tea

24 July 2009


I really have no idea what's wrong with the blogging system.  It has not allowed uploading of photos. The settings of the blog has all being changed with a small preview square to type and the images disappeared into who knows where.  With a twist of luck barely managed to upload.

First time cooking saba fish bought from NTUC.  The fishes are season with ginger soya sauce and lots of minced garlic for a while and put to grill.

The fish were flaky and soft.  Beware of bones.

11 July 2009


After a heavy Japanese meal we shopped around before proceeding to tea later in the day.  We eased ourselves at TCC Raffles City and continued with our gossiping.

Strawberry ice-blend - good quencher.

How to miss delicious sweets - Muddy mud pie. Addictive

Sophisticated apple crumble with luscious berries

10 July 2009


During vacation period took leave to enjoy a day of leisure lunch and tea.  First to cure our stomach at the Ministry of Food at Marina Center.  Dishes were ordered to share.

Tonkatsu ramen in rich & flavorful broth

Miso spicy ramen in rich spicy broth to tickle our palate.
The noodles were springy with good bite accompanied by thick slices of pork and half egg with half-boiled creamy yolk.

Soft delicate Agedashi tofu enclosed in its thin crispy skin served in light soya sauce topped with dried seaweed and spring onions.

Fresh tender sashimi mori

Grilled Kare Alacarta (cod fish)

Kakiage tempura

Happy sinful ending :
Unique flavours - green-tea, sesame and hazelnut

Lovely strong flavours

03 July 2009


Tiramisu made by daughter no.1

Lay sponge fingers soaked in coffee and liquor in the glass tray.

Beat 500g mascarpone cheese and 250g double cream with 125g sugar till incorporated.  Pour mixture over the sponge fingers and lay another layer of fingers over cream.  Spoon liquor and coffee over sponge fingers.

Pour the remaining cream over fingers and sprinkle generously with cocoa power.   Seal the tray with glad wrap and refrigerate till ready to serve.

Increase fragrance & flavor

1 piece is not enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

02 July 2009


Time flies and looks like we had just celebrated Father's Day, that was 1 year ago.  This year Father's Day is a joyous occasion as my eldest girl had graduated and is guaranteed a job even at this downturn economy.  She has started working since April and offered to sponsor dinner.

Crystal Jade Restaurant offered different set menus which we settled for a 5 pax set.  The service was attentive even though the place was crowded.

Fish maw soup full of prawns and scallops.   The broth was flavorful and thick without being starchy.

Crispy fried tender chicken in tangy lemon sauce.

Big mushrooms fried with springy fish bladder and vegetables.  The mushrooms were big with good bite.

Large prawns fried in salted egg yolk.  The flavor of the yolk was very distinct and was the best dish of the night.

This meat combo was so so, nothing to shout about.

Plain with not much ingredients

The red bean lotus sweet soup was too sweet and starchy.   Disappointed dessert