26 June 2009


Nasi padang comes to mind whenever we crave for spicy food.  The place in Kandahar street is one that we frequent most. Besides good food the price is reasonable.

Black ink squid - Tender and crunchy

Sayang lodeh - Rich lemak

Deep fried chicken coat with rich thick sambal - crispy exterior with tender juicy interior

Sambal cuttlefish - chunky and crunchy

Thick rich curry chicken

Gigantic tahu goreng in yummy prawn paste sauce.

Fiery sambal belachan to tickle your taste bud

Sourish and appetizing assam gravy

Less than $50 meal for six persons

23 June 2009


Cheap & good! 2 rolls for $13.

Soft and fluffy roll fill with thick durian pulp and fresh cream

Fragrant chocolate roll with thick blueberry fillings

21 June 2009


The clams were selling for 25 cents per 100g at the NTUC supermarket that I bought a bag for $3.50.

Wash the clams thoroughly and soak them in a basin of salt water till ready to cook.  The clams were stir fried over high heat in sambal and black tau-cheo sauce.   Cover the wok and cook till clams are all open.

20 June 2009


To use up all the vouchers we proceeded to Swensen, this round at Terminal 2, at one of the weekends.  The place was crowded and quite a long queue but was ushered in after 20-min wait.

First thing on the table, after placing our order, was sliced crispy baguettes accompanied with butter.

BBQ burger with potatoe crisps, accompanying with mayonnaise.  The sliced pork was tender and juicy, full of smoky flavor.

Lasagna in spinach sauce with creamy mozzarella cheese topped with thin crispy potatoe strips.   Taste licking good and not chessy.

Health conscious DH chose panfried salmon with vegetables - Baby tomatoes and broccoli with mashed potatoes.  Vision does not justify taste.

Stewed mussels in tomatoes sauce.  The sauce was thick and full of tomatoes.   Finger-licking good and last drop was soaked up clean with baguettes.

Soft shell crab with pasta.   The sauce was not too thick and creamy but just enough to coat the pasta.  The crab was crispy with a slight tinge of salt.

Colt Tower - Chocolate ice-cream with bananas and whip cream

Caramel apple pie with ice-cream served hot in cast-iron pan

The pie was very sweet but the taste was balanced up with ice-cream and apples.

19 June 2009


We prepare simple and easy food on normal day due to my working schedule as I come home around 7pm.  By the time we settle down for dinner it usually past eight.   Normally dishes I cook are 1 veg, a fish or meat, a soup and a salad.  I will pamper my family on weekend, either dine out or prepare more elaborate meal.

2 slabs of spare ribs was prepared and consumed during the weekend.

Light and dark soya sauce
Salt & sugar
half cup orange sauce
2 tablespoons tomatoe sauce
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
2 tablespoon rice wine
1 tablespoon ginger juice
10 gloves of mashed garlic
squeeze of lemon juice or sweet plum sauce

Mix well and rub over meat. Leave to marinate and keep refrigerate till ready to grill.

When meat is cooked, brush honey over ribs and grill over high heat for 1 min.

13 June 2009


4 eggs
150g castor sugar
1/2 lemon grated rind
200g ground almonds
1 tspn baking powder
1 can cherries in syrup

Beat eggs until thick and frothy.  Gradually add the sugar lemon rind.   Continue beating for 2 mins. Combine ground almonds and baking powder.  Gradually sift half over egg mixture and incorporated at low speed.  When smooth incorporate the remaining almond mixture in the same way.  Transfer half of almond mixture to a greased and lined cake tin.

Drain the cherries.  Mix half can of cherries to the egg mixture, cover with the remaining almond mixture.  Then add the remaining cherries. Bake in oven for 1 hour.

Use up the balance cherry syrup to make jelly.   Boil the syrup with sugar and add in 2 leaves of gelatine.  Pour in the mould to set.

09 June 2009


No short cut for delicious food!

Bought a packet of instant raspberry muffin mix from supermarket to save on labor and time.

Add in egg, baking powder and milk to the mix.

Puff up mighty high with heavenly smell of raspberry and expecting a delicious snacks.

Beautiful outcome with stunning effect but taste wise, a big question mark!

07 June 2009


Swensen at Terminal 3 is high-end restaurant and offers unlimited helpings to the salad bar with order of set meal.

Colorful and appetizing

Tender and fresh

Unique dressing - Herbal salmon topped with pistachio sauce

Heavy course - Combo of grilled sausage, mutton and pork

Smoke chicken with vinegary sauce

Chunky aromatic kebab with salsa verde

Happy ending - Free vouchers for next meal

Next episode!!

06 June 2009

SI SHEN TANG - (四 神 汤)

Si shen tang is a tonic soup that helps to improve appetite, especially in hot weather.

Ingredients : Porra cocos, wild yam (dioscorea), forex seeds, lotus seeds, yu zhu, dried longan and chicken breast

Boil soup for min 2.5 hrs.