29 September 2013


Occasionally when a quick meal is required, lasagna is a good choice.  It is convenient to use frozen vegetable stew that I made before hand which can refer to at here

Oil baking paper and line baking tin.  Place a sheet of lasagna skin on it and spread with vegetable stew.  Layer a few times

Sprinkle cheese over the stew and pour over tomato sauce.  Bake till bubbly and soft

28 September 2013


Eating local classical food in a laid back 50s style eatery with music playing from the bygone era

Paper menu with a short selection of hot savoury dishes, drinks, hot and cold desserts and ice-cream

Order food through checklist and payment makes at the cashier

Yesterday dish  -  Fried crullers with prawn paste

Excellent Kato Rice (Singapore scissor-cut curry rice)

Chicken curry rice  -  a let down by the thin curry

D24 Durian Pengat  -  too sweet for my liking

Hot Bobur Cha Cha  -  The thin coconut milk did not bring out the flavour and lack of glutinous balls

Gula melaka soft jelly with coconut milk, a silky smooth concoction

Sago pudding  -  long time favourite.  Not too sweet even with the addictive dose of gula melaka

21 September 2013


Sinpopo, a vintage-aspired eating house at Joo Chiat, set up by Awfully Chocolate to reminisce of the old food delights.  The vintage setup does bring one back to the days of the 60s and 70s.

The days of black and white television. 

Past days of Kopi O service

Humble wooden seats and tables


Vintage and precious records

15 September 2013


Once a while I will cook some stew vegetables and freeze it. It will be used as side dish or for cooking pasta and lasagna, which is convenient where you have no time to prepare elaborate meal.

Steam egg plants still soft and scrap the flesh out of the skin.  Season it with sesame oil, salt and pepper.  Other ingredients are fresh mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, garlic, bacon bits and a bottle of Italian tomatoes sauce

Fry onions and garlic with olive oil till fragrant

Throw in all the ingredients, except bacon and egg plants.  Fry over high heat

Add in the egg plants, season ingredients with salt and sugar and mix thoroughly

Pour in tomatoes sauce, add in basil and bay leaves.  Cover and let it stew for 15 mins

Cool and freeze it

14 September 2013


Winter melon in chicken stock with Japanese mushrooms and dried scallops

Soak dried mushrooms and scallops.  Use the water, together with chicken stock steam water melon together with mushrooms and scallops (tear into strips).  Sprinkle with wolfberries.

01 September 2013


Rag├╣s is Italian tomato sauce served with pasta.  I add vegetables - mushrooms, onions, dried tomatoes and carrots together with salmon flakes.

Use as sandwich fillings instead of eating with pasta