27 February 2011


From young I had been observing and helping my mother to cook.  It was through observations and assistance that I am very well verse in Chinese cooking, of course not without scoldings.  Eating out was considered expensive at that time and every meal was home cook.  From basic Chinese cooking led to  interest in Western meal and confectionary.  

I prepared a one-pot simple meal when returned late in the evening due to traffic jam - bake rice with vegetables and egg.

Dice a green & red peppers, 1 onion, 4 big fresh mushrooms and 1 big tomatoes, minced the 4 garlics.  
Wash rice thoroughly and leave aside.  
Fry onions and garlics till fragrant and add in rice.  
Fry for 3 mins and dish the rice mixture into a rice cooker.   
Add in chicken stock and seasoning to the rice.  Boil till bubbly.  
Mix in the rest of the vegetables and continue cooking till rice is ready.  
Dish rice into corning ware and bake in the oven for another 1 hour.

In the meanwhile fry an omelette with 2 eggs and cut into strips.  When rice is ready mix in the omelette.

26 February 2011


Why I blog?  There are many discussions on blogs recently on this topic.   The reasons are many, interests, earning extra revenue, and broaden network.  

I blog due to interest in food and to document the food I cook and eat.   With time I have developed an interest in photography.  Traffic flow and extra revenue is never a reason.  With a blog there is a motivation to cook more and discover ways of presenting food.

Nothing beats a dessert after a meal.

450ml thick cream, 150ml whole milk, 100g sugar, 500g pink guava, pureed, 7 gelatine leaves

Soak gelatine leaves in iced water until softened.
Meanwhile heat cream, milk, sugar and guava puree over low flame
When mixture is warm  add in softened gelatine leaves and whisk for 3 mins till combined
Divide into moulds and fridge until set

Due to laziness I used store-bought guava juice instead fresh guava which resulted in a creamy color instead of a nice pink color.  The receipt is adopted from pastry chef Janice Wong of 2am Dessert featured in February issue of Good Food magazine.

19 February 2011


Our daily breakfast is plain bread with jam or butter except weekend.  DH and me are the only loyal fans of bread whereas my children will never eat bread for breakfast.  Usually there are leftover bread by end of the week.  The leftover is baked into pudding or make crumbs with. 

Arrange bread in buttered casserole alternately with sliced apples.

Pour in mixture of milk, thick cream, eggs, sugar, vanilla extract and cinnamon powder over bread till bread are thoroughly covered.  Baked over low temperature till custard is set

Lovely fragrance of egg and cinnamon permeated the air.  Caramelized tops give the pudding a hearty bite

Slices of sweet apple enveloped in layers of soft custard

Appetizing to the eyes also

13 February 2011


There is another round of feasting due to my daughter's birthday which happens to fall on the lunar new year this year.  With so many positive recommendations of the Cafe De Hong Kong at Balestier Road we booked a table to celebrate the occasion.

Kicked off the meal with "Loi Hei" yu sang

Pouring for Prosperity

Claypot rice with wax duck, pork & liver sausages.  The thick crust at the bottom of the pot was fragrant and good exercise for the jaw

Body warming mutton stew. 

Eat while pipping hot to avoid gamey smell when cold

Crispy and juicy giant prawns coated with salted yolk and pumpkin gravy

Thick luscious sea cucumber braised with mushrooms.  Bite into a mushroom filled your mouth with juicy flavorsome gravy

Signature dish - Roast chicken

Thin crispy skin with tender flesh

A meal cannot end without dessert - Mango pudding full of mango

Evaporated milk enhance flavor of the pudding

The more the merrier

12 February 2011


Eat the most during festive seasons, be with family, friends and colleagues.  A bunch of old and close friends gathered together with potluck.

Too busy interacting to take photos but managed to snap some of the dishes.

This dish is a must during Chinese New Year as it symbolizes luck and prosperity

06 February 2011


Have been cooking from the eve to the 2nd day of Chinese New Year.  Although it is tiring but very happy to see that everyone enjoys the food.  It is important as an adult to set a good example to the younger generation on how a festive is being celebrated and traditions follow.

04 February 2011


Chinese New Year is the festive of food and more food....  Each dish is a symbol of wealth, happiness and prosperity.

DH is a businessman and a traditional Cantonese who believes in having symbolic dishes

Fried leek with deep fried bean-curd and seashell.  Leek represents smooth sailing in whatever you do.

Abalone with vegetables in oyster sauce.  Abalone (包 羅 万 象) represents varieties, in whatever you want you have

Sambal Prawns - always happy and full of laughter (he he ha ha)