25 April 2009

YUEN KEE - (源 记)

A 100 year-old small dessert shop located at Central District Hong Kong.  Every night a long queue will form outside the shop and cars waiting by side of the street for takeaways.  Once in a while you can spot actors/actresses patronize the shop.

While in Hong Kong we patronised the shop without fail every night after dinner.  The hotel we stayed in is only across the street.  The waiting time is short although the queue is long as most do not linger after finishing their dessert.  The shop can only accommodate only approx 25 customers, sharing tables.

Later the night longer the queue

Display of shop history and menu on table for easy reference

Ginger egg pudding (姜 汁 炖 蛋) - smooth and not too sweet, steaming hot bowl

Creamy with strong almond fragrance

Yuen Kee
32 Centre Street

Sai Ying Pun
(12 noon to 11pm)

21 April 2009


There are dessert shops in every corner of Hong Kong to satisfy your sweet tooth.  The most common one is 许留山 which is well known for their mango dessert.

雪蛤炖蛋 - warm and soothing

杨枝金露 - big slices of mango with pomelo and sago in thick mango puree

18 April 2009


Markets in Hong Kong operate the whole day, from dawn to 8pm at night.  Most of the people marketing twice a day, early in the morning before they go to work or after work.  The produce are very fresh, especially seafood (alive and swimming in tanks) and meat.

One of the market places is Hong Kong High Street, near Pokfulam.  The stalls are situated by the side of the road which slope all the way down to the main street.  Part of the streets are closed to traffic.  Beside the stalls there is a supermarket nearby, plus cafes and restaurants.  It is a convenient place to live, with buses to central district and downtown.  The Hong Kong University is situated at upper street, where you can find banks, schools, hospitals, shops and more eating places.

Market at Jordan Street, Kowloon where we went for our morning breakfast.

The popular stall which caters to office workers and housewives who enjoy a cup of tea and dim sum after marketing nearby.

The stall is famous for its century egg porride. I ordered bowls of soft bone with preserved vegetables and century egg porridge.

A bowl of century egg porridge for my daughter.  The boss is so kind to add in preserved vegetables. Besides dim sum they also offer set western breakfast.

Busy market at sunset.

16 April 2009


Meals and dim sum are discounted at half their original price after 2 pm.  Whenever we are in Hong Kong we usually ventured out to Central and Causeway Bay for lunch as there are more choices.

After landing we went to Central to have lunch in one of the cafes.  We shared a set lunch which was too big a portion for 1 person.  The set lunch cost HK$35.00 (S$7.00) with the following dishes & tea.  The ice lemon tea was not included but is worth its price.

2 large sunny side-up with a big toasted bun.

A plate of noodles with 2 big pieces of pork chop.  The pork chops were tender and well marinated.

Creamy fragrant tea to end the meal.

Additional order of ice lemon tea.

15 April 2009


Cathay Pacific Promotion for 2 persons @ S$1100 to Hong Kong free & easy trip during Eastern holiday.   Departed on Wednesday 8am flight and arrived back on Sunday at 6pm.

Exchange rate S$1.00 for HK$5.10.

Bearable airline meal - chicken rice and omelette with sausage & potatoes.

Transfer from airport to Central Station by airport express.  The journey from airport to Central station took 1/2 an hour, convenient and fast.  A very comfortable ride.

05 April 2009


Coffee is not our cup of tea but using coffee in cakes and desserts is our favorite.  There is no exact measurement in making it as I believe agar agar is easily set.

1 packet of agar agar strips
3/4 medium size pot water
6 tbsp instant coffee powder (for 2 portions)
1 bowl thick santan (coconut milk - divide into 2 portions)

Boil agar agar till melted and add in sugar
Divide liquid into 3 parts
Dissolve coffee powder in 1st part of liquid
Stir in thick coconut milk in another 2nd part of agar agar liquid
Last portion - add in coffee powder and coconut milk and mix well
Slowly pour in coconut portion when the portion is slightly set
Do the same for the coffee portion

Refrigerate till set

04 April 2009


A simple dish of deep fried thread fin with light soya sauce, fried ginger and spring onions.