23 December 2009


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Greetings to all of you.  Let us go for a stroll along Orchard Road to take in the dazzling lights and christmas decorations before winding down for the year.

20 December 2009


Irresitable rich, moist and sinfully delicious flourless chocolate cake!  A recipe by Ms Sylvia Tan many years ago which I have faithfully made every Christmas season.  It is an ideal gift to give and once you start eating you can never stop.

Melt 350g of semi-sweet dark chocolate chips (I used Valrhona chocolate with 55% cocoa and 35% fat and 10% sugar) with 250g + 125g butter.   Leave aside to cool.

Separate 9 eggs. Beat the yolks with 1.5 cups castor sugar, then 100g of ground almonds.  Mix well.

Leave aside and wait till chocolate is completely cool.

In the meantime whisk egg whites with a beater till stiff and forms perks.

Stir cooled chocolate mixture into the beaten egg yolks mixture.  Mix well.

Fold in beaten egg white with a metal spoon, taking care not to break the bubbles.

Pour cake mixture into baking pan.  Need not line pan with paper as the mixture is rich in butter to remove from the pan easily.  Bake for 50 mins in the centre of a 160 deg C oven.   Leave to cool in oven and dust cake with icing sugar before serving.

17 December 2009


Korean shows are becoming popular and food is no exception.  Many Korean restaurants are sprouting up and resulting in more selections of Korean food.

Clear taste

Side Dishes

Soya Sauce Hard Boiled Egg


Spicy Hot

Fried Tofu - Crispy & tender

Egg Pancake

Cabbage Kimchi



Samgetang - Our favourite, chicken soup boil with fresh gingseng, glutinuous rice and red dates

Kimchijun - Kimchi pancake, not crispy and not enough egg

Bossam - Irresitable tender 3-layer pork plus kimchi wrap in lettuce, shiok

Peanut & chillie sauces to go with bossam

Yukgejang - Spicy kimchi warming broth


Cinnamon Tea with Pinenuts - Complimentary.  Fragrant and sweet

Water Melon

14 December 2009


Hankered for dessert after a heavy buffet lunch.

Adjourned next door to TCC. Not much crowd and the place gives you an ancient classical feel

Love the gorgeous cakes display

Lychee tea

Sumptuous strawberry shortbread ice-cream

13 December 2009


After 21km and 10km marathon run (StandChart) our bodies need lots of water replenishment.  Best with an excellent meal of Teochew porridge, that comes along with an assortment of dishes.