28 July 2013


Taiwan has a lot of night markets where most occupy either sidewalks (pavements) adjacent to streets or entire streets that are normal thoroughfares by day. Some night markets in smaller side streets or lanes. Most of the markets operate daily and feature a mixture of individual stalls hawking clothing, consumer goods, snacks or fast food, and specialty drinks. The atmosphere is usually crowded and noisy with hawkers shouting and fast-paced music playing over loudspeakers. Taiwan Night Markets changed from small local gatherings to noisy streets lined up with vendors.

Every night without fail we patronised the market and ate to our heart content.  There are varieties of food to choose from and you can never have enough.

Spring onion buns full of the flavorsome vegetables

Not our cup of tea  -  cold and hard custard in egg shell

How to resist?  Crackling skin with delicious meat accompanied by sour vegetables and chillies

Fruits coated with sweet sugar syrup.  Too sweet for us

Delicious spring rolls wrapped with lot of ingredients

Fried chicken parts

Preserved fish roe to eat with raw radish and spring onions.  A used-to taste

Cannot recall what this is!  Fried balls ?

27 July 2013


Cedele serves semi-healthy food.  It offers a variety of grilled salad meals serves with a generous helping of mixed salad leaves and many types of dressings.  Their cakes are well-known especially their signature carrot cake.

Prawn & avocado salad serves with citrus vinaigrette + mesclun.  Appetizing and delicious!

Sausages with bacon and scrambled eggs

Grilled salmon in olive oil

The banana chocolate cake is moist and chocolaty top with crunchy nuts.  The red velvet cake is a bit dried but make up with a covering of rich cream cheese

Overall the food is good but service still needs to improve

21 July 2013


We had eaten at their rail mall branch and their bak chor mee was real good.  What we did not expect is that the noodles served at the Tampines Centre branch is not up to expectation.  The queue was long resulted in some scuffle among customers.  

Good ambience with oldie posters and plenty of seats

There are other food available but we are bak chor mee fanatics.  The noodles are not al dente with barely enough sauce to coat the noodles.  They have to be eaten immediately or will get meshy.

20 July 2013


The cake was bouncy and soft with citrus scent.  A dash of liquor enhances the flavor of the cake

14 July 2013


Attended my daughter's commencement on higher degree.  After 3 years since passing out, another chapter begins.  The ceremony was held at the University Cultural Hall at 10 in the morning.

This year GOH & Speaker was non other than our Environment Minister, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan

Waiting to receive her degree

Burst of balloons at end of ceremony

13 July 2013


Canton Paradise in Katong 112 offers good food and dim sum.  This is our frequent dim sum patronization nowadays instead of Crystal Jade.

Tempting displays are one of the causes for weekend crowd

Fat, melt in your mouth texture, sandwiched between crackling skin and succulent meat

Juicy and soft barbecue pork in caramelized gravy

Wrapped pickle ginger and century egg with wasabi, a good rinse to the mouth after all the oily food

Deep fried water chestnut cake studded with big crunchy water chestnuts

Irresistible luscious custard bun, hot and fuffy with thick flowing golden larva

Yam and redbean agar agar

07 July 2013


Taiwan is known as fruits paradise.  Everywhere there are fruits and fruit juice stalls on the street.  The best is they juiced right on the spot and cost less than a dollar for a tall cup.

Big and sweet custard apples

Juicy green oranges