30 September 2012


Dulcet & Studio is part of Tampopo Deli and they are well-known for their pillowy cakes.  After a day of shopping it is a good place to indulge in their cakes and pastries.  Besides the sweet treats they also serve meals.

Potato salad with almond slices

Bacon mushroom creme pasta serve with a piece of crackling pig skin

Black pig pasta

Light and fluffy orange chiffon cake

Strawberry shortbread full of big juicy strawberries

Enormous cream puff. Filled to the fullest with thick creamy vanilla custard.  Every spoonful is precious

23 September 2012


A wonderful cake and is not easy to make.  I had tried it at least 3-4 times before I succeeded to produce the right texture.  Not necessary to use a wooden frame, a normal baking tin lined with aluminum foil and parchment paper will also produce a great cake.

A normal tin wrapped in foil and lined with parchment paper

Beat egg whites (4) till firm and add in egg yolks (4) one at a time at low speed till well combined.  Mix in 100g well-sieved bread flour and mix well.  Lastly drizzle in 50g honey (diluted with 2 tablespoons warm water) and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.  Mix in 1 tablespoon grated lemon peels.  Pour batter through sieve into baking tin and smoothen top of batter to remove bubbles.  Tap pan on the floor a few times to remove bubbles.

Bake cakes for 50 mins at 140C.  When baked drop the cake tins on the floor a few times to avoid cake shrinkage

Overturn tins and place on a stand till cool

Cake is well flavored when keep wrapped overnight in the fridge

22 September 2012


There is no lack of eateries in Katong, East Coast Road. From 328 laksa stretching all the way to Katong 112, Awfully Chocolate, Saffron Kitchen to Beach Road prawn noodles.  There are 2 popular chicken rice stalls, Boon Tong Kee and 5 Stars, with the later one caters to economy rice and porridge, besides chicken rice.  There are varieties of dishes to choose from and the price is reasonable.

It was a lot of food for 2 persons

Braised duck is a must-have dish.  A big portion for less than half a duck in great herbal sauce

Braised beancurd and tau-pok.  The tau-pok was filled with sauce and oozed out as you bite into it

Flavor fried omelette filled with preserved radish

Soft stew beancurd sticks

Tender vegetables

Stewed soya beans to go with porridge

16 September 2012


Bought nice pork chops from Cold Storage and ended up having fusion dinner (meat and fried udon).  The chops were seasoned with salt and pepper & lemon juice.  When ready to fry, brushed chops with Japanese dark meat sauce.

HappyCall pan a fascinating pan to use.  It cooks the chops quick and evenly with only a flip of the pan.  Apples and pineapples were nicely caramelized with some smokiness.

Fried udon with wood ears, onions and eggs in dark and mirin sauce.

15 September 2012


A reservation was made at Full House Theme Cafe @ Rendevous Hotel for 4 persons for dinner.

We were given a table near the bar counter but the air con was full blast and in the end we opted for outdoor space.

Nice concept Bistro

Merchandise corner for customers

This grandfather clock reminds me of our clock which my mum sold off cheaply to rag man.  Heartache heartache!

A dream room for girl with cupboard fills with clothes

Lush balcony

Wishing well outside the cafe

Salad of smoked salmon with grilled mangoes.  The mangoes were sourish but balanced well with the smoky salmon

My friend's black pepper chicken which I did not try as I dislike peppery food

Mix grilled seafood  -  1 piece each : mussel, scallop and salmon plus 3 rings cuttlefish and bits of fresh mushroom

Seafood spaghetti  -  not much flavor and sauce too diluted

Enjoyed the lemon grass tea and watch the crowd strolled in as night lingered on

Overall the price was hefty and food nothing to shout about.

09 September 2012


It was raining heavily when we were shopping around Bras Basah Road.  To avoid the rain we ended up in one of the dessert shops in Liang Seah Street.

Their signature dessert is beancurd with different flavors contained in wooden containers

Cold beancurd and puddings in plastic containers ready for takeaway

Most of us ordered hot almond beancurd and puddings.

The texture was smooth and not too sweet