01 July 2008


Snow fungus is known to be good for the complexion and a great collagen supplement.  It is a beauty tonic that moisturizes and gives a healthy glow to the skin.  As one ages, the skin collagen tends to loose its elasticity, therefore collagen replenishment is very important for delaying the wrinkling of skin.  This dessert is a cheaper alternative to bird nest.

To serve six in the family :

1 ball of snow fungus (do not buy the off-white type as it believes they are blenched)
3 blocks medium size rock sugar,
6 water chestnuts and 2 beaten eggs. You can add quail eggs also.

Soak snow fungus until expanded. Trim the stems, rinse and drain.  Tear fungus into little florets

Peel water chestnuts and grate finally. Boil snow fungus, rock sugar and water chestnuts for 1-1.5 hours over medium-low heat. Before serving, beat in the beaten eggs.  Do not stir.  Cover the pot and rest for 15 mins till eggs are cooked.

Water chestnut has the effect of resolving heatiness, engendering fluids, whetting appetites and aiding food digestion.

Serve hot or chilled.

This refreshing soup is usually served as a dessert during hot, dry spells.  It strengthens the lungs, and with the addition of rock sugar, this soup is also good for moisturising the lungs.

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