11 July 2008


Two curry noodle stalls, at the Bedok Bus Interchange Food Centre, are competing against each other and claim to be the original Hock Hai curry mee from Hong Lim Food Centre, based on their sign board.  This stall was manned by a couple previously and the quality of the curry was thin and tasteless as compared to the other stall, at the opposite row (back to back) manned by few assistants in black t-shirt.  It also featured photos of the boss with TV stars that had patronized the stall.

The quality of the curry noodles in this stall has improved since the change of management.  It is now operated by a lady with a male assistant.  The curry lemak is thick and full of flavor.  The quantity of the ingredients (chicken, potatoes and fish cakes) are plentiful.

We ordered the Herbal Mutton Soup a few stalls away.  The mutton soup is full of herbal taste and the texture of the mutton is tender.

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