31 December 2013


Simple meal before countdown.




2 0 1 4

30 December 2013


Salad with feta cheese, green apples and tomatoes.  Just a dash of fruity vinegar is enough as the cheese is good at seasoning the greens

Cheese board - cumbebert cheese, truffle cheese and feta cheese to go with walnuts and dried mulberries

29 December 2013


For Christmas Eve dinner, we decided to cook nasi ulum to go with the feast.  Much time is needed to prepare the ingredients as it involves the tedious task in cutting the herbs and shredding the fish.  As not all herbs can be obtained here we used the most common ones like lemon grass stalk, kaffir lime leaves, curry leaves, mint leaves and Thai basil leaves.  Kaffir lime leaves help to bring out the fragrance of the dish.

Ginger flower is one of the herbs used.  Coincidentally I found it in the wet market

Besides the herbal leaves, dried shrimps and belachan chilly are also one of the ingredients for the rice.  Soak shrimps, cut into small pieces and fry till crispy.  Cut all herbal leaves and fresh ginger thinly

Fry ikan kunning till crispy and shred the flesh from the bones.  Make sure the fish is devoid of bones before mixing to the rice

Cook jasmin or basmatic rice.  While still hot mix in the herbs, fried shrimps, fish and herbs.  Mix in the chilly paste.  Squeeze juices from 2 limes to the rice.  Mix all together and season with a dash of pepper

26 December 2013


Life has been busy. Just came back from Hong Kong to be followed by X'mas.  The Hong Kong weather is extremely cold & wet this year and has been raining everyday non-stop.  It was a hassle and no fun running in the rain.

Quite a feast for Christmas dinner, too many dishes on the table and has left out the salad, turnip soup and smoked salmon.

07 December 2013


Aiyu Jelly or simply 愛玉, known as ice jelly in Singapore.  It is a jelly made from the seeds of the figs found in Taiwan and East Asian countries.  We were told from young that the jelly is made from banana but found out was not true.

Fruits of the plant resemble large fig fruits the size of small mangoes and are harvested from September through January just before the fruit ripens to a dark purple.  The fruits are then halved and turned inside out to dry over the course of several days.  The dry fruits can be sold as is, or as dried aiyu seeds (愛玉子, pinyin: aiyu zi) which are then be pulled off the skin and sold separately.

We bought many packets from Taiwan in the form of dried seeds.  1 bag can make numerous bowls of aiyu jelly.  Some places sold aiyu seeds sticked to the fruit skin.

The aiyu seeds are placed in a cheese cloth

The bag and its contents are submerged in cold water and rubbed.  A slimy gel will be extracted from the bag of aiyu seeds as it is squeezed and massaged.  This is known as "washing aiyu" (洗愛玉).  After several minutes of massaging and washing, no more of the yellowish tea-coloured gel will be extracted, and the contents of the bag are discarded.

The washed gel is then allowed to set into a jelly either in a cool location or in the refrigerator.

17 November 2013


We were still full from our breakfast so a light Japanese lunch in a small deli at the corner of the street.  The place is small with tables against the wall.  Each table is able to accommodate the most 4 persons.  We ordered 2 set meals and some side dishes to share.

16 November 2013


The Bondi Markets are part and parcel of the local community.  A wander through the markets you’ll find clothing, exotic imports, hand made jewellery, arts, crafts, homewares, retro furniture, vintage clothes and so much more.

A nice place to spend the day.

10 November 2013


Headed into Bondi Junction in the morning to have breakfast at a bistro.  The portion is too big to eat alone.

Coffee latte to wake one soul

English Breakfast is still my preference

Baguettes with smoked ham, cream, salad and olive oil

Croissant with smoked salmon and salad

Egg Benedict with smoked salmon

09 November 2013


We went inside the shop for chocolates in Pitt Street Mall in George Street and discovered a hidden cafe below the shop.

A large shop with variety of chocolates

A cafe directly below the chocolate shop

Down the stairs from the chocolate shop.  A cozy, dark lit room with wooden chairs, tables and panelling. The walls are lined with suitcases and a frame of varieties of teaspoon collection.

Nice and strong hot chocolate to beat the cold

Hot tomatoe soup with garlic bread spread with thick creamy butter

Beef quince with salad to go with cranberry paste

Waffles with blueberry sauce to go with chocolate ice-cream and thick luscious whipped cream

27 October 2013


After waiting out the rain we proceeded to dinner at the nearby Thai restaurant in Capital Square, where we had eaten when we were last there.  The place was not full as it was still early.  We ordered light dishes as we were still full from afternoon tea in Old Vienna Coffee House.

Papaya Salad

Raw Crab Salad  -  With fear of having a bad stomach afterwards I was a bit hesitated at eating it at first.  But it turned out fine

Crispy Soft Shell Crabs

Sour and Spicy Tom Yum Soup

No matter how full we were a meal is not complete without ending with desserts.

Delicious dessert but cannot recall what is it - durian or jackfruit?

Colorful rice balls in creamy coconut milk.  The balls were filled with rich gula melaka coconut fillings