05 July 2008


Went to Ghim Moh market for breakfast as DH has to attend a course at Matrix Biopolis.  Although finding a parking space there is a problem it is the nearest market place for food, but managed to secure a place without fuss.

There was a long queue at the steamed yam cake and chee cheong fun stall (Stall #01-19) as their steamed yam cake is popular, having being featured on Media Corp food program.  Glutinous rice is also one of their specialty.  A plate of steamed yam cake and chee chong fun combination costs only $2.20, drown in delicious sweet sauce and chillies and top with spring onions, fried onions and sesame seeds.

A plate of $3 fried chay tau kwey in dark sauce was ordered from the next stall.  Although there was no queue the waiting time was long as most customers usually ordered and pick-up later.  The fried chay tau kwey was fragrantly fried with sweet and chilly sauce, full of "wok hei".

Lastly we tau-pow a box of deep-fried tau-kau stuffed with fish paste from the stall behind the yam cake stall.  A box of five pieces with a small tub of chilly sauce costs $3.