16 October 2011


DH has been raving about the braised duck in Circular Street, which draws crowd during lunch time.  When running errand in town we ended up at the popular stall. 

Less than a dozen ducks hanging when we walked into the shop, which is plain in deco with tables and chairs arranged in rows on both sides of the wall.

The duck was on a dry side which shows that they have not been braised long enough to absorb the sauce.

It was corrected by the garlicky vinegar chilly sauce.  The sauce goes well with the duck.

A big plate of braised cabbage to share between 2 person.  The cabbage was tasty and soft but not soggy.

01 October 2011


An old place where we used to frequent when the children were young.  Shaw House branch is the first time we patronized.

A Tonkatsu set

A huge set to share between 2 person

Plus rice, soup and chiwamushi

As usual a terriyaki done for my youngest daughter, be it salmon this round