31 March 2011


Spent 5 days in Sydney during the weekend to attend 2nd daughter's convocation.  We were accommodated in Mercure Hotel situated in the city center with ample facilitators within walking distance.  It is the start of autumn and the weather is cooling and comfortable.

Accessible and efficient transportation to various parts of Sydney in front of hotel. 

A MyMulti pass allows one to travel as much and as often.   The pass is valid for unlimited train, bus and ferry travel across Sydney, the Central Coast, the Hunter and the Illawarra, including private bus services and the Stockton Ferry in Newcastle, plus one of three train travel zones.

Hotel facilities are ample in the city

Historical buildings bestow the city with colors

A city of new and historical buildings

Chinatown a place to congregate for food

Food and shopping are within reach

20 March 2011


Going to cinema show was a luxury when I was young and television was not existence at that time.  The only time seeing shows was on Chinese New Yea and during school holidays, which was a rarity.  The cost per ticket was 50 cts to a dollar.  Sometimes there were promotions of 2 shows for  a price of 1 during weekend.  Theaters like Cathay, Lido and Orchid were considered high end and were patronized by expatriates and tickets were expensive. 

One of the weekends we seen "新 少 林 寺" and had a light dinner at Crystal Jade Cafe in Bugis Junction before the show.

Bamboo  shoot in sesame oil and light soya sauce

Cold chicken in shouxin wine - wine fragrance lingers in the mouth

Superior stock encased in the paper skin xiao long bao

Gigantic bowl noodles filled with seaweed, vegetables, mushrooms, pork dumplings and pork rings

13 March 2011


Korean strawberries are on sale.  It was claimed to be sweet and I bought some to eat it fresh.  I added in fresh cream and the cream helped to balance the slight sourness of the strawberries.  After all they were not so sweet as claimed.

12 March 2011


Soup spoon is my favorite place to lunch.  A soup and a wrap or sandwich provide a substantial meal.  Nothing better to start off with a bowl of thick and hot soup.

Thick roasted pumpkin soup

Full cream clam chowder soup with chunk of potatoes and seafood

Chicken mushroom wrap bulging with vegetables and tasty juicy sauce

Pesto mushroom sandwich too thick for 1 bite

06 March 2011


The arugula leaves looked so fresh that I bought 2 packets to prepare salad.  Threw in a packet of smoked salmon and a packet of cubed bacon when walked past the gourmet counter.  A salad of crispy bacon together with smoked salmon and arugula leaves plus some mini tomatoes add color to the dinner table. 

Deep fry the bacon and garlic till crispy and mix together with salmon, arugula leaves and tomatoes.  Saute the mixture lightly with olive oil and a teaspoon of Japanese yuzu soya sauce.  Sprinkle a bite of sea salt over the salad.

Arugula is leafy green herb of the mustard family.  Also known as rocket leave ad its flavor is hot and peppery.  It is low in calories and is a good source of vitamins of A and C, folate, calcium and magnesium.

05 March 2011


There are some leftover prawns in the freezer over the Chinese New Year.  I decided to make prawn noodles for a change.  Shell and devein the prawns.  Marinate and put in the fridge for later use.  Wash the shells thoroughly and fry them over high heat with lots of garlic till fragrant.   Put shells in a muslin bag and boil together with soft pork bones and chicken carcass for 2 hours till meat is tender.  In the meantime fry the sliced shallots till brown and crispy and put aside.  When stock is ready add the peeled prawns in the boiling stock.  Ladle up and set aside.  Strain the stock and discard the carcass.

Boil the flat noodles in hot water and rinsed over cold water before adding stock over.  Serve with prawns, ribs pork and kangkong.

The noodles can be served dry with hot sambar.

04 March 2011


A bowl of fried rice to go with a salad make the meal a lot appealing and appetizing.  

Mix of shredded carrot and radish with black pepper, lime juice, salt and sugar.  Squeeze out as much juice from the radish.  Throw in some leeks to the salad.