31 March 2012


Pu-Tien is one of our favorite restaurants beside Crystal Jade at Takashimaya.  We not only love their simple & homely food and also it does not burn a hole in the wallet.  The branch at Parkway Parade is much bigger, in terms of floor space, than other branches. 

This is definitely a must tried dish.  The big intestines are without porky smell and full of bites.

Savory crunch pork floss without sogginess were these deep fried egg-plants.  Cannot stop munching.

Herbal prawn soup full of Chinese herbs flavor.  This is tasty than the pigeon soup which is on the rough side.

Hot spicy sauce a good condiment to the side dishes.  A bottle always accompany us home.

One of the best among the list of vegetables

Tasty soupy mee-sua comparable to the dry fry

Fruity sweet porky

Signature dessert - Sweet creamy pumpkin puree with ice-cream. Order early as it runs out fast

Thick pumpkin puree with big scope of vanilla ice-cream

30 March 2012


Katong 112 is the refurbished old Katong Mall.  The new mall gives Katong area a new outlook and there are many shops and restaurants for entertainment.

Yomenya Goemon a Japanese restaurant located on the 3rd floor caters Japanese-Italian cuisine.  The portion serves is huge.  One can order set meal which includes soup, 1 serving of salad from the buffet and a main dish.

A cup of clear soup with bits of beancurd

Self-served salad from the buffet

Healthy and fresh salad with sesame peanut sauce

Beancurd & greens with vinaigarette dressing

Main dish - Tomato paste pasta with half boiled egg topping

Soy pork pasta with brinjals

Mentai shrimp pasta

The pasta is al dente and generous ingredients to go with the noodles.

24 March 2012


Perth is a place easy to navigate around.  We stayed in King's Hotel which is in middle of town.  Shopping is easily done and has a range of international food outlets.

We took a cruise along Swan River to Fremantle.  The cruise and sightseeing offices are stationed along St Georges Terrace which is close to Kings Park.   Royal Mounting Police is a frequent sight in this area and the Blue Bell Tower is one of the tourist attractions.

The scene started with central business districts to old colonial buildings.

Big lovely mansions and sailing yachts along the river

Sailing clubs and mansions are neighbours

Queen Mary 2 berthing near Fremantle

18 March 2012


Amongst all Crystal Jade Shanghai restaurants we like to frequent the one at Changi Airport Terminal 3 as the standard of food is the best among all other branches.  We had our dinner there on the eve of 2nd daughter's departure to Sydney and as her flight was at 1am we had plenty of time to dine at leisure.   The queue for seats was long and we had to wait for almost half an hour to secure one.

Eight treasures tea   -  a cooling drink

Let the tea infuse for 10 minutes to obtain full flavor

The deep fried bean curd was crunchy and fully absorb the delicious sauce

A big bowl and tasty szechuan noodles to share.  The smell of it aggravate the salivary gland

Another tempting dish to dig in

Dumplings sat in a pool of tantalizing chilli oil

Finally cups of tea to pass the time and aid digestion

17 March 2012


There were balance of cranberries bought during Christmas.  To use them up and to free up my freezer I turned them into jam.

Sterilize the jam bottles, dry thoroughly and put inside low temperature oven (50C) till ready for use.  Put a small plate in the freezer for later use.

Get ready ingredients : cranberries, pear juice and sugar. (Sorry no exact measurement as I cook by instinct).

Boil cranberries, juice and sugar, taste along the way and add sugar to your preferred sweetness

Start to stir when boiling and cranberries produce "pop pop' sound

Skim off foam as you stir and boil till liquid becomes thick.

To test whether jam is set do a wrinkle test.  Scope a tablespoon of jam into the small plate that was put in the freezer earlier.

Wait for a few seconds for it to cool.  The jam on the plate should not slide off but should wrinkle.  The jam is ready for bottling.

Pour hot jam into sterilized jar and tighten lid.  Place bottles upside down and let it cool.  The jam should be refrigerated once open.

10 March 2012


Many good reviews about Antoinette through blogs and words of mouth so a reservation was made for mother and daughters to have a leisure lunch on a weekday. 

Former Les Amis Group Pastry Chef Pang Kok Keong set up shop in Perhas Street, although out of way but near Lavender MRT station.  The restaurant facade which exude grandeur is in contrast with surrounding shops.

Once through the door you are welcome by a display of exquisite cakes, pastries and colorful candies

A Victorian deco interior with lovely chandeliers

Shiny cutlery and monogrammatic napkin

Seafood Gratin  -  mussels, prawns and squids drowned in creamy sauce with baguette to soak up the last drop

Stuffed Chicken Leg  -  firm and meaty with crispy skin goes well with lovely brown sauce and mushrooms

Royale Crepe with savory ham

Crepe Florentine with creamy hollandaise sauce fill with ham and cheese

Tender beef in red wine with creamy mashed potatoes and crispy french beans

A selection of enticing cakes.

Earl Grey tea milk chocolate mousse.  Raspberry Coulis pierced open to release flow of red lava - Antoinette's signature cake

Tarte Cafe Caramel  -  fleur de sel with coffee and caramel

Le Royale  -  A mix of dark chocolate mousse, hazelnut almond feullitine, almond meringue, chocolate genoise and dark rum results in flavor combination of bitterness and sweetness