30 September 2009


Supper before bed, steam egg with ginger makes sweet dream

1 egg
4 half egg-shell water to 4 tablespoon sugar = syrup
2 tablespoon fresh ginger juice
2 tablespoon fresh milk

Mix all together in ramekin and waterbath in oven (low temperature) till egg are wobbly.  Should cover the top of the ramekin during baking to prevent skin forming.

25 September 2009


Between Beach Road and East Coast prawn mee I prefer to eat at Beach Road.   I find that the noodles better flavor and finding parking space is much better than at the East Coast branch which is always congested.  Moreover always have to queue for a table.  The place at Beach Road is much spacious and most of the time there are seatings available.

$4 for a bowl with medium meaty prawns and spare ribs is reasonable.

Lard & crispy onions provide richness to the noodles

Chilly and tomatoes sauces provide the kick

Ngo Hiang - A dish we cannot do without

24 September 2009


Bitter guord is a beneficial vegetable.  It is rich in iron and contains beneficial properties that cleanses the blood from toxins.   It is also low in calories, an excellent source of vitamins B1, B2 & B3, C, magnesium, folic acid, zinc, phosphorus, maganese and has high dietary fiber.

To slow boil bitter guord with chicken, dried oysters, sun-moon mollusc, fish bladder, sweet dates and scallops produces a bitter-sweet health soup.

23 September 2009


I cook everyday afterwork but sometimes too late to cook we will dine out.  The food we order usually dishes with rice.

Sweet-sour pork - an appetizing dish

Steam egg with mince pork

Deep-fried prawn-paste chicken - come piping hot with spicy hot belachan sauce.

Deep fried spicy spare ribs

Stir fry baby kai-lan with garlic

Sri Lanka chillie crabs

Steam mau-tou

Deep fry mau-tou

22 September 2009


I like to bake cakes and pastries for my family on weekends.  From young I am interested in cooking and only came to know of cakes and pastries during my domestic lesson in secondary school days.  With such great passion I take up Home Economics (Cooking) as one of the examination subjects for my 'O' levels.

During working life I would signed up for classes in baking in Aldephi Baking School, which was popular during the 70s.

Blueberry tarts for an afternoon leisure tea

The pastry is sweet dough using only butter, flour and egg resulting in buttery biscuit texture and not crumbly.

20 September 2009


Off we went to dim sum again this morning, as usual same place Crystal Jade at Takashimaya which is my DH favorite place.

A opulent and relaxing place to dine.

Delicious roasts

A place for great seafood

A bowl of hot century egg porride to warm the stomach - creamy smooth with tons of ingredients : century egg, scallops, oysters and pork

My favorite and a must order dish - steam bean paste "song" fishhead

Delicate siew mai

Flavorsome fillings of char siew

Scallop Rice Roll

Crystal har kow stuffed with giant crunchy prawns

Fried radish cake

Steam custard bun

Delicious hot custard oozing out

Fried water chestnut cake

19 September 2009


Although DH is more a China-man but once in a blue moon we will indulge in western meal. The food can be prepared and cooked in advance.  Only need to heat up when ready to eat.   The main dish is stew chicken with carrots and potatoes accompany with fried rice and bun.

15 September 2009


To catch the promotion here we come again !

Salmon Roe - Must order dish

Sashimi Salad - delightful dish

Maki Roll - Crunchy prawn head full of roe

Irodori Chirashi - Beautiful and fresh

Crunchy Tuna - Small quantity but no complaint, promotional item

Negitoro Don - For the brave one to taste

Unagi Kimchi Don - Watch out for foul mouth afterwards

Salmon & Ikura Pasta - Cool and appetizing

12 September 2009


Living in East Coast is pleasant as long as food is concerned.  Many places offer 24-hr service which is a pleasure for gluttons like us.  Airport terminals are convenient places for supper with cafe and restaurants operating 24-hr service.  Surprise that Swensen is packed with families when we went for supper one night.

Asian curry set - good appetizer of salted eggs, veg pickles and salsa sauce but pittance

Chicken curry with rice - spicy and oily

Chicken mushroom pasta - insufficient mushroom

Rich and spicy chilli crab spicy, steam crab preference to fried for freshness and succulence

Gigantic chop but a bit tough and chewy.

No ending to meal without dessert - Fruity sundae

Durian sundae with "atap chi" - my DH favorite

07 September 2009


Tried my hand on carrot cake with recipe from Doris Greenspan "Baking from My Home To Yours". I added in extra crushed pineapples, dried cranberries and lots of walnuts but omitted the dessicated coconuts.

The cake turned out moist and flavorful.  The height provided room for two layers of frosting.  A thick layer of frosting on top dotted with candied carrots and walnuts.