15 July 2008


An appetizing dish which my family loves.  The sourness and tangy flavour of the dish increases their appetite.

2 pieces of sting ray, pineapple slices,
7-8 lady fingers (slice into half),
2 tomatoes (cut into wedges) and
1 purple brinjal (slice diagonally)
2 fresh chillies (remove seeds and leave whole)

Assam Gravy -
1 soup bowl of assam juice (1/2 pkt of assam and soak in water)
1 stick lemon grass (use only the top part) and smash it flat
6 dried chillies (soaked and squeeze dry)
8 fresh chillies (remove seeds)
1 medium anion (slice thinly)
4 garlic (smash)
1/2 piece yellow ginger
1 small piece belachan

Marinate sting ray with salt and sugar
Cut all vegetables and set aside
Strain assam juice and throw away seeds
Squeeze dry dried chillies (with Scott hand towel)
Pound both dry & fresh chillies, together with garlic, ginger and belachan until fine.
Fry anions until transparent and soft in hot oil using small fire.
Add in chilly paste and fry till fragrance.
Pour in assam juice and add in fish.
Boil for 10 mins and add in vegetables.
Cook till vegetables are soft and add seasonings.

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