10 July 2008


This was a very common dessert during the 60s.  I remembered my mother used to steam this cake as a snack for the family.  The texture of the flour during that time was not so fine and the cake turned out to be grayish in color and do not look appetizing.

The flour is produced in China and nowadays come packaged in a nice colorful box.  A box of 0.25 kg flour can produce 2 middle-size tray.  The cake is very simple to make. You can use half the quantity of the flour.

Half packet of chestnut flour
3-4 water chestnuts (peeled and mashed into medium pieces)
250gm sugar and
1000 ml cold water

Mix flour and sugar together.  Add in water and mix with hand till batter is smooth and without lumps.  Cook over medium fire till some batter starts to turn opaque.  Keep on stirring, if not the batter will stick to the pot.  Change to small fire and keep stirring until mixture thickens and becomes opaque.  Pour in the water chestnut and mix well.  Pour mixture into baking tin and steam for half an hour till cake is firm.  Cool and put in the fridge.

Cut cake and serve cold or fry the cake in a pan (glaze pan with just enough oil) till sides are crispy.  Dim sum restaurant serves the cake fried.

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