30 April 2011


Queen's Victoria Building is an ornate Romaneque Revival style building which is commonly known as QVB.  The building consists of 4 main shopping floors of cafes, restaurants and retail shops.  We had a great time in the building window shopping and eating, where we spent half a day there.

Underground passageways lead off to Town Hall Station southern end, and to a food court at the north.

Stain glass windows allow light into the central area of the building

Great Australian Clock includes 33 scenes from Australian history.  An oboriginal hunter circles the exterior of the clock continuously, representing the never-ending passage of time.

Royal Clock activates on the hours

It displays 6 scenes of English royalty

24 April 2011


Harry's Cafe de Wheels was popular known as Woolloomooloo pies as it was originally operated near the front gates of the Woolloomooloo naval dockyard.  Its truck cart was in operation in a remote dockyard near King's Cross as I remembered when we were there in the 1990s, seeking it out for its famous pie.

20 years later it has branches all over Australia and one of its branches is situated at Haymarket near to the hotel where we stayed, at the corner of George Street, outside entrance of Capitol Square Shopping Centre.

Harry's Cafe is Australian icon famous for its pies, which also includes hot dogs.  A portion is large enough to be shared by two. 

At breakfast time we ventured out there for a morning nostalgia of pie and hotdog which we have missed. 

Chicken & Mushroom Pie

Chunks of chicken meat with fresh mushroom and cream

House Special - Smoked Frankfurt

Filled with mushy peas, chilli con carne and garlic onions with cheese sauce and chilli sauce

The place is opened till 4am on Fridays and Saturdays. Given the choice I rather venture there during the day given the place is full of drunkenness at night, and next to a watering hole, Paddy Maguires Pub.

23 April 2011


At the road end of Chinatown is a franchised Taiwanese dessert house Meet Fresh, which we accidentally chanced upon when touring the place to hunt for food.  It is the only outlet in Sydney that I encountered while there.

A shop with 2-floor seatings.  More seats are available on top floor while the ground floor offers only seats of 3-4 tables with an order counter occupied more than three-quarter space.  There is always a long queue with mostly students from nearby universities, a good place for meeting up and cooling off from the heat.

Takeaway and eat-in orders are taken and pay at the counter.  A number is given and orders collected when your number is being flashed on the screen.

Wall with displays of dessert descriptions and benefits of ingredients that go into the making of the desserts.

Black Pearl Balls+Glutinous Cake+Starch Noodles in herbal sweet syrup

Grass Jelly+Starch Noodles +Sweet Potato Balls in sugar syrup

Taro Balls+Red Beans+Yam+Pearl Balls

I prefer the hot over cold dessert as the flavor is more robust, moreover with mashed thick taro gives a thicker soup

How I like the chewiness of the taro and sweet potato balls

There are hundred selections which I wished I have ample time to savor each and every one of them but not to be as our stay is short.  Hope to return in future to try other flavors.  How I wish there is a franchise in Singapore to satisfy my crave.

22 April 2011


This salad is a good company for meat dishes.  Crunchiness of the jelly fish with gooey century egg yolk and raw carrots in sesame dressing provides a appetizing side dish for stews.

Sesame Oil Dressing : 1 teaspoon sesame oil mix with 2 tablespoons of yuzu soya sauce, 1 tablespoon mirin, 1 teaspoon of sesame seeds and fried garlic in oil.

18 April 2011


With so many food options available at the harbourside, it was a hard choice to decide.  We opted to eat light to savour bits of everything.

Started off sharing a salad of smoked salmon which was too large a portion for one person

Flaky smoked salmon croissant with greens and followed by tea and orange juice

Settled at Guylain Cafe for tea later in the day.

We chose a seat near the window to people watch.  Service is friendly and orders were taken immediately.

Counter of delectable cakes, chocolate tarts and bread, a variety of choices.  Pleasing to the eyes

A much needed drink after a long day

Gigantic raspberry muffin

Lemon meringue tart, a balance of sweet and sour

Cup of mango ice-cream, full of mango flavour

16 April 2011


In the morning we took a direct bus from the hotel to The Rocks.  We alighted at Circular Quay station and walked across the road, a short distance to our destination.  The weather was cloudy and cool with strong breeze.  A nice day to enjoy an outing.

Circular Quay is the hub of Sydney.  The quay is a vibrant, bustling place with ferries leaving every few minutes.  There is a major railway station at the quay, it is part of the underground City Circle, which skirts around Central Business District.

Historic harbourside area with shops, hotels, pubs and restaurants

There are great views of the Harbour Bridge.  Climb to the summit to get a panoramic view of Sydney Harbour

Sydney Opera House is admired internationally and proudly treasured by the people of Australia.   It is a great urban sculpture carefully set in a remarkable waterscape and a world famous iconic building.  It has earned a reputation as a world-class performing arts centre and becomes a symbol of both Sydney and the Australian nation.

The Opera House was created by a young architect, Jorn Utzon who understood and recognized the potential provided by the site against the stunning backdrop of Sydney Harbour.  The iconic symbol was opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 20 October 1973 and Utzon was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Institute of Architects Australia.

The distinctive roof comprises sets of interlocking vaulted 'shells' set upon a vast terraced platform and surrounded by terrace areas that function as pedestrian concourses.

Sail or take a cruise on the diamond-sparkled water or to enjoy the lovely landscape and relax at the lovely parks

10 April 2011


Cooked 2 pig trotters in dark soya sauce with radish and carrot.  Added some aniseed and cardamon seeds to enhance flavor.  The radish and carrots were most delicious as they absorbed all the flavor from the sauce.  The trotters were tender and gelatinous.

I never eat trotters in public eating places as they are not properly clean, especially the hair.   I  make sure that the trotters hair are plucked out entirely.  Blanch the trotters, wipe dry and under the bright sunlight you will see clearly all the hairs standing upright.  Just spend a bit of time plucking them out with a tweezer.

09 April 2011


After a hearty lunch, we proceeded to tour the mall which makes up of many shops selling various food.

Big seafood store to cater for takeaways showcasing fresh and live seafood

Wait to order on ice

Bright gleaming eyes and shiny scales

Brightly color lobsters and prawns

A deli selling bottled sauces and condiments with various cheese display

Bread, cakes and pastries freshly baked on show

Hugh supermarket selling vegetables and fruits nicely packed

Colorful fruits and fruit juices

Citrus perfume

Ripe and cut fruits ready for consumption

08 April 2011


When we arrived it was already noon and decided to go for lunch first.  It was crowded and had to wait for seat before ordering.  There is no free seating as every stall commands their own seating section.  There are varieties of raw seafood on display and is a feast to the eyes.  You order the raw food and had the staff cook them to your liking.

Big advertising sign draws attention

Irresistible large juicy oysters ready for consumption

Mix and match seafood platters and salad

Normal Set or

Special Set

Too engross in eating and forgot to take pictures of sashimi.