30 June 2012


Cooking can never go without oil, rice and salt as the Chinese phrase goes.  Cooking can be a leisure and also a burden.  If you take it as a burden it will be an uphill task.  As a leisure you will fill with inspiration to create varieties of delicious food, moreover recipes can be download from handy ipad.

Routine marketing

Recipe from ipad

17 June 2012


Once a while fusion fare graces the table

Risottos cooked in chicken stock with addition of multi-color vegetables at last stage of cooking  -  carrots, red & green capsicums and celery.

Fresh salmon sashimi with grated black peppers and lemon juice

10 June 2012


This pie was made using normal red apples which also gave a nice texture and aroma.  The apples were stewed till soft.  Hot creamy lemony custard was poured over the apples which were neatly arranged inside the pie. The pie was baked till custard was set and apples turned slightly caramelized.