23 February 2014


After making the usual pineapple tarts there were some pineapple paste leftovers.  Baked another batch just for fun by making a different design and decorated with dried cranberries.  The tarts turned out crumbly but tasted good overall.

16 February 2014


Had not been baking kueh lapis (layered cake) for many years.  As there was ample time left after finished baking all other types of cookies I decided to bake the cake.  The recipe was from Mr Richard Goh whom baking class that I attended and was a huge success after the first try.  The cake was spongy and soft with rich butter and egg aroma.

15 February 2014


What's better than making your own dessert to celebrate Valentine Day.  Sweet strawberry heart tart and jelly.

14 February 2014


It is time for Lunar New Year gathering again. It just seems that it happened not long ago. Time really passes fast.  For the convenience and save time we gathered at NUS Faculty Club for Chinese meal.  It was a disappointment.  Service was inefficient and the food is not up to standard.

We started off with an array of appetizer : potatoes in wasabi mustard sauce; fresh cucumber in chillie oil; cold chicken, jelly fish, fried fish etc

The raw fish salad was a winner

Crab soup watery and bland

Gigantic prawns with tough meat.  Appetizing to the eyes only

Soupy and bland poon choy

Stir fried venison

Bamboo shoots and spinach stew.  Too starchy

Steam cod fish

The yee fu mee was too soft

Cheese cake was creamy

Alveolar with osmanthus sweet soup

Fresh fruits to end the meal