20 October 2008


I know the picture looks horrid and do not do justice to the dish but it is delicious.  The ribs are tender and full of flavour and is a good dish to go with rice.

Marinate the ribs with brown bean sauce, tomatoes sauce, oyster sauce, plum sauce, salt, sugar and light & dark soya sauce for 1 hour.  Saute the onion and garlic till fragrant, add in the ribs and fry till meat are light brown.  Add in water to cover 3/4 of ribs and simmer for 1 hour.  Place potatoes, carrots and radish on top of ribs and simmer till vegetables are soft.

To tenderize ribs marinate with lemon juice for half an hour and rinse before adding marination.

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  1. This is another great home-cooking dish that I will try. Also the bitter gourd dish from your last post-I enjoy very much home-cooked meals-they are delicious comforting, and nutritious.