23 October 2008


Had dinner the 2nd time in Cafe Cartel but ended up unhappy.  The food was a disappointment and did not meet our expectations.

It was on a weekday and there was quite a crowd.  We ordered 2 set-meals which included free flow of bread and drinks - peach ice-tea and Sprite.  As usual DH ordered his favourite spare ribs which was a disappointment.  The ribs were not well marinated and was dried. The taste was bland and suspected that it was instant sauce.  A complaint was lodged.  His mood was spoilt by the spare ribs the whole night.

The ice tea was full of peach flavour.

The pasta was delicious - creamy and smooth

The fried fish and prawns were crispy and not oily.  The french fries were full of flavour and crackling.

The chicken lagsana was tasty but was spoilt by the texture of the meat.  Beef should be used instead of chicken.

It will be the last time we patronise.   Hope they take note of our complaint and improve on the food.

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