11 October 2008


During my younger days in 1960s life was not a luxury and most families were poor and produced many offsprings.  Married women were not working and stayed at home to look after kids thus the burden fall on the shoulder of the men.  The food we ate was simple and meat was only eaten during festive seasons.  The common food we had for meal were beansprouts, beancurd, and preserved food such as preserved eggs, salted fish, ikan bilis and vegetables.  Thus to have chicken or pork for meal was a luxury.

Marinate chicken (I prefer to buy wings and drum sticks than whole chicken as we do not like breast meat) with salt, soya sauce, sugar and ginger juice for 1 hour.  To steam, add 1.5 rice bowls of sh'ao xing wine into the chicken (do not add water) and add in mashed garlics and wolberry seeds.  Steam chicken over high fire till juice runs clear when pok with a skewer.

To consume cold put chicken in the fridge for 1 hour before serving.

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