04 October 2008


Exam time is here again where most parents will get stress up instead.  I will cook tonic soup for my children to increase their mental power and to concentrate better in studying.  The suitable soup to concoct is pig brain with tian-ma.

Pig brain is very cheap and for a dollar you get 2 pieces.  To clean the brain all you need to do is to use a toothpick to remove blood vessels from the brain, rinse and blanch in boiling water.

Ingredients : 2-3 pieces of tian-ma, wolberries, dried longan and 20 gm dang-shen.
Put all ingredients together with pig brain and water in a soup pot and double boil for 2 hours.  Add salt to taste when serving.

Tian Ma arrests convulsion, relieves dizziness and headaches.  It mainly treats headaches and dizziness, paralysis numbness of the limbs and difficulty in speaking due to stroke and rheumatic conditions.

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  1. Pig brain makes for tonic!? Wow! I guess that ought to improve one's concentration. We eat crab 'brains' in Japan, but I don't that they have any medicinal effect like that of a pig. Too bad!