28 October 2008


For a change from eating too much green leafy vegetables everyday, this colorful diced vegetables and meat dish looks like precious gems.  This dish is not only colorful and delicious but also gives good roughage.   It is also ideal dish for children who do not like to eat leafy vegetables.

Ingredients :

minced pork, prawns (optional), 1 big onion, 3 medium-size carrots, 4-5 medium-size potatoes, 2 tomatoes and garlic.

Dice carrots and potatoes to boil until soft. Reserve carrot water
Dice onion and tomatoes
Marinate pork with salt, sugar, light & dark soya sauce and cornflour
Fry onion till soft and add in garlic to fry till fragrant
Add in pork and fry till cooked before adding tomatoes
Pour in carrot water and cover to boil for 5 mins
Throw in carrots and potatoes and stir till thoroughly mix
Test taste and adjust seasoning

The dish tastes better overnight.

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