08 November 2014


It was heavy downpour the whole night and continue till next day.  In the morning we were to visit the Water Wheel Garden in the rain.  

The Waterwheel Garden, built in 1994, is located in the Binhe Middle Road (Binhe Zhong Lu) in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. The garden covers an area of 1.45 hectares (3.58 acres) and is comprised of two waterwheels, a cofferdam, the recreation area and a house of water mill.

In the garden, two huge waterwheels with striking appearances stand uprightly on the south bank of the Yellow River. They are modeled on the antique waterwheel, having quadrate buckets and a diameter of 16.5 meters (54.1 feet). In high water periods, they are driven by flowing water from the river; in low water periods, they are driven by water gathered by cofferdam.  In the ancient time, water wheels were very advanced and convenient irrigation tool.

The Waterwheel Teahouse attracts a lot of tourists.  Visitors can appreciate the revolving waterwheels while enjoying a cup of tea.

In the garden, we were to experience crossing the river on a sheepskin raft, which is the most primeval ferrying tool in the northwest region of the Yellow River but due to the rain the activity was cancelled.

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